I will never want to play the monster. Please make it an option not to join games/lobbys as monster


This system is not working for me. I bought the game to get a bit of the old L4D fix, be part of a team and hunt a big ass monster. Therefore, monster is my least wanted role (read: I hate it)

Every time i’m forced to be the monster, I just end up quiting out of the lobby /game right away.
Then I have to wait 60 seconds just to be the monster again. Great. Thanks.

Can we please just have the option to never be something we don’t want to play?
Or do I have to keep waiting 5-10 minutes to find a damn lobby I can be in.


Custom match or party.


Lets hope they add it. I bet many people feel like that.
Not me though


I want the opposite. I want the Option to join only as Monster. I have a Team and I only play Hunters with my Team. I dont wanna play as Hunter with Random noobs/Beginners.