I will buy your game Turtle Rock Studios!


I did like your game, but It’s not necessary for me to have fun on the Xbox one.

But I WILL buy your game to support you as a studio, because of your promises!

I will support you as a studio because you stay as close to arena style of game-play as possible. You try to balance things as much as possible, instead adding things that just look “cool”.

If you can keep this up I will continue to support you.


Well Mr Hobbit, you have my Sword!


And you have my shield! (generator)


So you don’t need the game huh? I’m a poor college student. I could totally take the game off your hands because after playing the beta there is no other game that is fun for me. I really need this to have fun on my Xbox One.



This thread is pure win. I approve 1000%


Here’s a thought, give your purchased game to someone else, a friend, under privileged kid, whatever. Amplify the win :smile:


TRS is like


Well, this is going to end badly…


No,no,no,no,no dont you that example. bad example. any example but one where in the next episode he doen’t have a functioning head


You have my crystals!