I will be solely listening to Tenacious D whilst playing.How about you?


Why? Because it lightens the tone and the D rock. Tell me whats your flavor?


Good choice.

Hail Satan. :smirk:


“Oh the Krakens balls were blazing as I stepped into his cave,then I sliced his fu*****g cockles with a long shot right from Abe.”


you know what? I think I’ll be doing the same for at least the next couple of hours. ^^ ,/


And we played the first thing that came to our heads,
…Just so happened to be
…the best game in the world,
It was the best game in the world!


Darude Sandstorm.


“Goliath What is the secret of your power? Behemoth Wont you take me far away from the hunters when they land?”


“There! The crevasse! Jump it … with your mighty striiiiiiiiiiide!”