I went to multiplayer and I still don't have the update


Well, I’m xbox one I still don’t have any update :frowning: It’s already out right?


i thought it was coming at 8 est time but, im in the same boat as u.


What the developers are like now:


It’s currently 10 PM on EST time zone.


It’s a horrible feeling watching people already talking about the changes and I’m here just waiting T__T


Macman said we are only getting the micropatch, so you might not even realize that you downloaded it.


Nope Hyde’s grenades still slow me down. Just went in and checked it out. Plus character perks still have the same values.


I’ve restarted Evolve twice and no perk or mastery requirement has been changed for me.


Yes, I’m talking about the micropatch, which I have checked and I still don’t have anything, like Macman said, you need to play multiplayer and it will download very fast, but nothing has changed, masteries are still the same, Hyde slows hunters and etc


Just went to check and its the same for me. Sit tight, if it rolled out on TRS’ end it could be an Xbox Live issue. Maybe?


I just found this

It could be that then!


Oh, good to know. Thanks!


That post was made nearly a half hour ago and I still have no update ;_;


The " a little bit longer" I think he meant a pretty long time, idk :<


I can confirm I got the patch now. The match on Broken Hill Mine really sucked. But the leveldesign is great. Will probably seperate into hunters hating it, monsters loving it.

I’m on PS4 - 4 something a.m. European time.