I wasnt so sure against this team.. they seemed premade but not


if you want to watch something for 13 minutes to eat your time… enjoy!

Ok, with some decent jukes, chasing of stryders and overall practicing my wraith gameplay.

Look how whispy my Keyboard and mouse have made me!




“Still processing” so I watched one of your Bob videos instead.

Your controller kept disconnecting and they still couldn’t kill you! (That would have been the ultimate taunt btw). :slight_smile:

You’re REALLY sneaky. You should have had mini-map on so some of us little Monsterlings could learn from you. :slight_smile:


I remember that exact point in the canyon. But i don’t remember which video it was.

I think i ended up switching to kb and mouse that fight right?


Dieses Video wurde entfernt.



It would have to be a really advanced kind of virtual reality transport-me-to-your-room kind of video for me to know if you switched to keyboard/mouse when the Controller disconnected twice. hehehe. :stuck_out_tongue: