I was wondering


Do you think that the same person that light up the Instagram teaser can do the same with the original tier 5 teaser to see the new medic and support but I don’t know any thing about this kinda stuff.


Part of it was TRS uploaded a second Teaser that was lighter than the first. The only teasers for the T5 Medic and Support are as dark as Gorgon’s first teaser.

So I doubt it can be lightened.


^ what this guy said


Sure they could, it will be a lighter Black… Still wont be anything to see. :stuck_out_tongue:


^ what this guy said


Yeah, @aboatman and I may have been able to brighten the image and video but only because TRS added lighting. If we were to do that to the original images then it would just make it… lighter black.


I believe they call that grey. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nope, it would be a lighter black… There are various shades of Black. My favorite is “Blacker than the blackest black times infinity”



I like the black that is slightly blacker than the black before it.


Google: Vantablack. It is the darkest material in the world!


I’ve always been partial to “Aircraft Interior Black.”