I was told.. I was a bad emet


I’m sorry for being a scrub… /Kappa


Looks more like they were just bad at dodging…

Also how has your integration into the PS4 been going?


lol its been fun. Having a blast. Lots of great people… But this match kinda stuck out in editing XD I’ll be making a highlight video soonish


Glad to hear! I enjoyed what little bit I’ve seen of you.

Always enjoy having skilled players around.


I got called a bad Caira during the release era despite healing upwards of like 50k. I know that feel, bro. XD


You didn’t do any appreciable damage,

You should have done nearly 5x as much damage, which would have cut the game shorter, and removed the necessity of haling that much damage.

Emet is most effective when killing the monster, as his healing can’t keep up as well as the other healers against monsters who know how to burst people down, so should be making the monster suffer.

So either your team dodged extra well to compensate, the monster sucked at landing damage, or both. As you clearly weren’t killing the monster as fast as you could have.

I would say you aren’t a great Emet, but you are good enough too heal people at least.


EMET isnt the one for damage you know, Rogue Val maybe. A medic is, first and foremost, a healer and not a source of dmg dealing (nice if you can)


Ever considered the idea that his team-mates were so bad that he had to remain on the Buoys far longer than he would have had to if his team were at least half-competent? Believe me, it happens a whole lot more than you would think.


They clearly weren’t bad enough where he needed to Recall. I doubt they were that bad.


By the way Seeds, can I have your PSN, I’d love to play with you sometime!


I think its Seedsy too


Maximum keks for this, friend.

Medics, even Slim and Emet, aren’t supposed to deal considerable damage. More than other Medics that are less combat-oriented, yes, but certainly not enough to have changed the tide of the game, or even considerably sped up the match.

When I could still do online, I played with Emet players that did half that damage and less than half of those healz. Still won several of them, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t hard. If I always had a Medic with these healz, I daresay winning could have been easy most of the time.

Now, I’m not saying it’s pro-tier, but it’s still a damn lot better than more than half the people I’ve played with.


I’ve been called a bad Emet plenty of times, and yet my highest heal number was 72,000. I have a picture of it somewhere, but it’s on my desktop and I’m on my phone now.


Here is the screenshot:

I’ve had many arenas where I am the last one left and I pull a comeback because of how strong Emet is. As long as the monster is Gorgon or Goliath, I can dodge and mitigate all day.


Haters gonna Hate @Seedsy!


this is correct


lol yep. I feel ya


This is 100% correct, I’m still learning the PS4, and admittedly, my aim is terrible.
However, to compensate, i spent a good portion of the match healing/Blocking to keep my teammates alive.
They never needed the beacon, because They never fully died, until I was dead.

No, they most certainly did not…

But overall, accurate.


I would say Rogue Val can dish out more damage personally. I get about 7-8000 damage and up with Rogue Val most games that run for any length of time.


Personally, I’d say EMET and Rogue Val are interchangeable in regards to damage output.
However, Emet has better TEAM healing potential, than Rogue Val.
Rogue Val has more Consistent Damage output, Emet is burst-ish…
So pairing with either a Well Trained Cabot, or an easier time with Rogue Val.

Sometimes, its not just about your choice :wink: