I was thinking tell me what you think


Dear Evolve Community,

When I was playing Evolve on the Playstation 4. I was talking with some buddies of mine and one them was raging which is funny to me. I was thinking that Why not take Elite Wildlife in Hunt 2.0 just skill vs skill. In my fight it could be all luck sometimes buff can change tide of battle to monster favor or to the hunter favors. Depending how fight goes I was thinking we should take it out. What do you guys think about this? Take out Elite Wildlife in Hunt 2.0 or no I would love here to you guys opinion on this.


Hello and welcome to the forum!

Elite wildlife in Hunt has been debated many times here, but if I remember correctly there has been no indication that there will be any changes and Elite wildlife will remain in hunt.

Feel free to use the search bar on the upper right corner of the forum and you should be able to to find the most recent topics if you’d like to read them.


Ah thank you Mountain I will use search bar then I didn’t know the Debate of Elite wildlife was talked about. I use the Search bar then when i was making this topic I didn’t get those topics I wonder why. Again thank you have a great day.


Never a problem! And again, welcome!