I was thinking of some improvements to the accolades page/stats screen pre game & after game report screen

When i complete a challenge in the accolades part of the profile i feel it’s absolutely meaningless apart from the very few where you get some masks or emblems but for the most part there just there and not really needed.

Why can’t we have some sort of calling card for each accolade completed to show them off in game/pre game because at present no1 in game know’s if you’ve completed any of them and it would be nice to show them off and once completed you get different calling cards for each one.

The hunt 2.0 pre-game stat’s overview screen, i would like to see more data of my last 10 matches results like when it flashes what selection you prefer it could flash under that WWLLWW to let people know how your form is,also like my highest winning streak,my highest loosing streak,the amount of times i’ve beaten Goliath,Kracken,Wraith,BoB,how many revive’s i’ve done in my career in Hunt 2.0.

i’d also like to see in the after game match report to show everyone’s performance so you can tell who’s got the green arrows and who’s been slacking because when i go Bucket i believe most of the time i’m doing the Assault’s job of being the damage dealer and i’d like it to be shown off after game that i was the boss!

I just feel there should be more data on show for everyone to see

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This can cause many problems.

First being that if everyone sees the stats and sees Assault did little damage, everyone will blame him for the loss while Assaults can only do damage if trapped makes a good dome and medic can heal while support supports him. If no one helps each other then no one can be expected to do their job. It could say trapped domed 20 times but how many of those were good and how many actually caught the Monster. Same goes for medics and supports, they rely on cooperation and if the team doesn’t work together how can they be expected to do their job and then they’re needlessly blamed post game for their lack of healing when they couldn’t do anything.

Making your last few games visible would chase others away too. If they see W/W/W/W/W then they think “Oh shit, this guy is a good Monster, I don’t want to go down in rank.” Then back out. Making it harder to find a game and some to intentionally throw games to prevent this.

You could have the monsters winning form and hunters form invisible to one another or just have it so you only see your win/loss form,there’s ways around it if you think it will cause cherry picking.

I think it’s nice to see after the game what’s people performance was as a team effort like I.E

      Revives:    Headshot damage:  perk chosen:   


Something like that with more stuff in it,like a scoreboard of some kind to let people know the details of a match