I was thinking about a gameplay mode


And well just hear me out, I was playing evolve last night and this crazy thought crossed my mind. For whatever odd reason I had this thought of godzilla while playing, What if there was a gameplay mode that added another monster into the match. Obviously not an evacuation mode but its separate mode called something like “Domination” the monsters are against each other in a struggle for control as an “Alpha male”, and theres a split goal the two monsters have to kill each other all while doing with the normal group of hunters chasing after them. Now for the hunters its obviously much harder since theres two monsters but they can also use this monsters dispute to attack them while they’re fighting or wait for one to finish off another.


It’s actually been mentioned quite a few times already. Wouldn’t be a bad idea though.


Lots of people would love to see monster vs. monster. Sadly, it probably won’t happen


AH! Don’t say that! I hope they at least test it out or something at the very most, because a game like this a struggle of dominance just pops in my head and it would be so neat…