I was on the news last night. Took me by surprise

Link to the video. I was just getting home from the store when I noticed news crews by my apartment building. One struck up a conversation and well… I’m the guy with glasses. Sneaky news reporter! :stuck_out_tongue:


Just wait until somebody takes the clip of you saying “rabies is everywhere” and uses it for fearmongering :slight_smile:

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Awww, the little guy’s been enjoying some yoghurt and now he’s hyper.

Or would you say that’s cream? Cream’s tasteless crap though.

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Sorrowgate, Rabies is everywhere. snicker

Everywhere you say? I’ve litterally never seen a rabid animal once in my life and I grew up in the south. Lol.

Funny you mentioned that. I grew up here in North Carolina and I can count on both hands on how often I ever saw wildlife. This excludes deer, though. I see tons of deer.

Being from the UK, I thought I encountered a lot of rabid animals but it turns out they were just pub crawlers.

The older man with his fingergun and the “boom”. Took me by surprise & now I can"t stop laughing

Bummer. I can’t count the number of wild animals I’ve seen. People taking all the land for themselves.
Lol deer are everywhere. Should catch one for dinner, they’re way better than cow. :wink:

You leave my Uncle Basil out of this!

(I was born in Ipswich. My mothers side reside in England. Fun fact: I’m a citizen of both nations after I applied for a UK passport and received it recently.)

Lol, that is my neighbor. Good guy, though. I think he was caught off guard as well.

It is quite tasty, I agree. I get mine in bulk from a guy up in Asheville.

I’d make a joke about your Uncle Basil being pictured above, but it would only be relevant if it was a picture of a mouse instead of a squirrel.

That’s pretty cool :slight_smile: wouldn’t be able to tell by your accent. How long did you stay over here before you moved?

I left at 2yrs old. My father was in the Airforce and met my mother at a pub. The typical love story so I heard from my mum. :stuck_out_tongue: I was born in a english hospital and since my mother is english, they where married I was a natural born citizen by birth. My sister was born state side and remains jealous, lol.

Remains jealous that you’re a British citizen? Not much to be jealous of :stuck_out_tongue:

I plan on retiring there perhaps. I have options, a pension and a 401K. I work for a english owned company “Kodak Alaris” so it makes things easier.

Yes, my division use to be Eastman Kodak when I started working there 5yrs ago. We where sold about 2yrs ago.

If you do end up retiring in England I hope you enjoy it. Kodak as in the photography company?

That’s correct. I don’t work with cameras I work with the printers and such for commercial use.

This! I can’t breath! It’s too funny!!! xD

I’ve been in a couple movies and on Fox news a long time ago. In fact, over a decade ago. Not that being on Fox news is a good thing mind you…

Knock on me if you wish. I watch fox news and like it. I also get my news from outside sources as well.