I was Just in a Vehicular Accident


I was just in an accident. I destroyed the front left wheel of my car, hit two road signs, and did some damage to front fender. Due to me hitting two road signs, I have a court appearance at the end of next month and shall be paying for a lawyer and the deductible for my car insurance. I was the only one in the car and received no injuries.


Did you die? :o


Hope everything goes well.


Sorry. I’ve been in 3 accidents myself. I hope you are alright and can afford your court appearance and everything goes well.


D: jeez… Glad you’re all right though.


At least you’re alright man, that’s a good thing.


Glad to hear you’re ok. As long as you weren’t hurt then that’s the most important thing. I hope everything else goes well. :slightly_smiling:


I can’t afford anything as of now. I won’t go into detail, but it’s a rather large sum of money.


I’m sorry. Did you just lose control?


Sorry to hear man, glad you are OK.


Save money on the lawyer, just take whatever they fine you with after being apologetic and amenable.


As do I. The court appearance should go smoothly as I know what I did, and will gladly explain what that was.


I did. Hit a corner too fast and lost control. Ran up into the side walk and hit those two signs.


I most definitely will. I’m not looking for anyone who’s top notch, as there’s way too much evidence to go for a counter claim.


Yikes, lucky no one was walking there.


Yes, really lucky.


The tow truck driver said that at the speed I was going, the height of the sidewalk and curb, and the ditch below that I should’ve rolled the car. From what the officer said, I shouldn’t be able to be doing this right now if that had happened.


Being on the forums or playing Evolve? >.>


I hope so too. Very fortunate that no one was on the sidewalk.




Oh, welp, at least you can! :smiley: