I was in a good mood to play and then jack happened

i m trying to go in the game because i was burned up by it for a while, i decide to play a game i m in a good mood then i see jack, ok i kinda get his abilities i choose goliath because to return in the fields he s a safe bet, and then after losing my game because locked from any of plans as the game progresses whatsever, i don t feel like playing anymore, well first since i haven t played the game in a while i m trying to determine my rank i get to play against that actually have ranks which is just super fun, and now i just don t feel like trying anymore because fck this

While we definitely would hate to see you go, this forum strives to maintain a constructive dialogue with regards to new topics. This topic is more about an expression of feelings than it is to promote discussion. The patch has been out for roughly 24 hours as of this post. Lots of things have changed. Please give it some more time before jumping to conclusions. In the future, try to create a topic that encourages discussion.