I was angry I'm sorry


Ok I take it back… But get rid of the HACKERS already…


It’s all good man. I agree, Hackers are annoying. I’ve been talking to @DamJess about a forum topic where you can report hackers, and she said that she thought it was a good idea and that she would think about how they could further organize the forums by adding new topics such as that, and a few others that were thrown around.


It’s cool man. Hackers are a pain in the ass.


I guess your request is a better idea than asking people not to play anymore :grin:
I probably played too much yesterday…


Everyone is so Lucky,
I haven’t got to face a hacker yet :frowning:


It’s kay. You are on of us, and we cannot hold grudges against our own. A house devided upon itself cannot stand.

Anyway, I have no idea what you’re apologozing for. You’re forgiven anyway, though. :wink:


S’alright. Nobody can really blame you for that, now can we?

Just… Next time.


I faced my first legitmate hacker today. he was goliath, i was caira, he was runing away from us (not facing me) and he was a good distance away, then magically he warped instantly to right behind me and was doing flame breath and killed me, then ran off. like I wouldnt notice?? but there isnt really a good method of reporting people yet so GG???


I have something like that happen to me in one match where I was a goliath. I used flame breath when suddenly during it I was getiing some serious speedboost for the duration of the attack. Like I was a racing car. It happened couple of times in that match. Was wierd and I thought for sure the other team might think that I hacked or something.


I was blaming like everything about the bugs/issues/DLC/hacking…
I got a bit rude also. Sais TRS & 2K were just sellers and stuff. I even was encouraging ppl not to play until a decent patch comes out.
My words got beyond my thoughts.
It’s just I played too much and experienced everything that is wrong with the game in one day continuously…

My anger was sincere but my apology is sincere as well.
Evolve is a freaking good game anyway.



I fought a Mamga Goliath that ran through walls.


I’m pretty sure the magma skin doesn’t give you that ability…


Yeah I know bro, I’m just saying it was a Magma Skin Goliath that I saw doing that.


Was kidding!


Oh, okay, lol.