I was actually spectating vs a Kraken, proposed changes


What the holy hell is that radius on thunder strike? People had to blow at least 2 boosts just to have a chance of dodging it.


It does not feel good to play as or against Kraken. No one has fun vs a Kraken.
Hyde couldnt touch him and Bucket’s sentries couldnt do anything vs him Airborne as well.

Can we please get a nerf to the radius if yall are so reluctant to nerf his damage?

Make Thunderstrike’s range match its bubble, possibly tune damage down slightly. Its electricity, how about make it do slightly more damage to hunters bunched up?

Make Banshee mines actual mines for purely area denial - Give them an arm time and not be used purely as an attack that is spammed with his Auto attacks. Have him think about where he places his mines, and maybe His in-game difficulty tag will move back up to challenging. 1 second of Arm time is pretty small, give it several seconds. Possibly give him more than 3 mines.

Vortex would be interesting if it was a utility focused skill. Make the knockback huge if the Hunters are up in his face, and maybe even remove this hitstun if its used at a huge range. As far as I know, Vortex on Vanilla Kraken was meant to push hunters away that got too close.

Aftershock should feel more rewarding to a Kraken who is opportunistic. To me, Aftershock feels it does Crap damage for the risk Kraken has to take for him to be grounded. Increase damage slightly.

To me, Kraken should feel like team monster’s Mage, not a ranged Goliath.

He should be able to control the battle from a distance and pack on the hurt when everything is set in place and throw off sick ambushes. Corral the Hunters with mines, Keep them in place with Vortex, and then unleash a multi-target Thunderstrike for huge damage.

Edit: And to make him more fair for our Assault mains. Kraken is the king of the skies. He should be very strong up in the air, but once hes grounded, he should be in real trouble.

Kraken should be hard to ground, but once he is grounded, he’s going to pay for it big time. I suggest making his traversal time recharge very slowly on the ground in combat.

I recommend making him squishy. Hes currently tankier than Wraith and Gorgon. Monsters that arguably do less Damage and have to risk being in melee range.

lvl 3 armor and health

11 health >>> 9 Health

10 armor >>> 9 Health.

Exact same values as lvl 3 Gorgon.

End salt

I am actually taking a ton of ideas from you guys an implementing them into changes.

My goal is to try to compile a list of changes that would make Kraken feel better to play against and play as.


I quite like these suggestions, they aren’t really nerfs nor are they really buffs. They’re legitimate suggestions and concerns about balance and actually quite fair changes. I agree that Kraken should fill the “Mage” role and not be a “ranged Goliath”.

All in all I like your suggestions :thumbsup:


Check the Edit D:

Thats an actual nerf lol


I dunno, when people play against kraken they usually give up before the round started. I’ve noticed this and it makes kraken seem strong, but when played against with patience while withering him down he’s actually quite fun, still difficult but most range bosses are.


Well yes now that is an actual nerf :stuck_out_tongue:

My opinion on that is…

####Do me a favor and stop editing while I’m reading thank you >:[

My opinion is that he should be tankier than Wraith and Gorgon, those two are an assassin and an ambush Monster, they need to be/should be squishy. Kraken, to me, should be squishier than Goliath but more durable than Wraith. Behemoth should be the most durable and Gorgon somewhere between Wraith and Kraken but those are completely different subjects.

To me, Kraken is already affected by slows a lot so here’s my suggestion to the edit. He should be able to fly higher but be affected by slows a lot more so a trapper has to do their job to get them on the ground and Assault to mess him up but the trapper should have a harder time doing so with increased altitude. When he is grounded he essentially takes damage from all sources which makes him squishier.

####I feel that his stamina regen should (perhaps) regen slower when he is on the ground as opposed to in the air. That way it’s harder for him to get down but once he is, he’ll be staying there.


I lose all morale when I want to play my favorite assault, Lennox when i see a Kraken appear on the Vs screen.

I feel better being stomped by a really good Wraith or Gorgon than a half-decent Kraken. When I play Kraken, I can win with little effort, wheress if I play Gorgon (my main) I feel absolutely amazing after I beat the lvl 40 premades. All because I land clutch spidertraps and websnares. With Kraken, I just have to spam in their general direction to win.


I support Kraken being hard to ground but easier to keep there.

I still however would lower Kraken’s overall tankiness since he can avoid most of the Assault’s damage.

11 -> 9 Bars of Health
10 -> 9 Bars of Armor

Same as Gorgon’s lvl 3 setup


This is old but I lol’d.


Can’t be losing hope just adds salt to wounds. And I understand I like running abe, but kraken just cannot be fixed IMO without breaking it even more. The proposed fixes could work but at the cost of once again breaking it.


you said the words “kraken” and “fun” in the same sentence so im not at liberty to believe you at all.

im just kidding but in all seriousness though, krakens are not fun to fight against. while some kraken games can go either way and possibly a hunter win… its still not a fun win. its more of a sigh of relief with a hope that the next monster is ANYthing besides another kraken.

i really like the way this new kraken looks, now i wont have to feel bad for picking kraken because while it does share the name im going to have to get my my enemies face and fight like a true monster rather than an evil frosty the snow bitch flying about


Yeha. Iv found Abe is pretty Solid vs Kraken.

Kraken with my changes will still have the issue of being big flying jerk, but it would add SOME counterplay and actual thought on the Kraken’s side. + Less innate tankieness removes the fustration of a tanky, high-damage mage being possible.

Iv never seen many games where the Mage and the assassins arent in the same class of squish.


sorry for the double post here but look at wraith. they broke her down and then broke her some more before they are finally able to attempt this new and improved wraith with this next patch. kraken needs to be pegged down a couple times and relooked at like wraith was so that way he cant be the king from skies like he is now :confused:


Kraken needs to be King of the skies, no matter what iteration he is in. Its his theme.

If none of my changes are realizable, making him squishier like a traditional mage will at least make him more fair.


No worries just started the reply haha, but I get you no one likes a gunship flying about but the method was adopted to counter cheese play at higher levels of play. I would like to see it be a tad bit squishy but they’ve tried with hit boxes and it has negative impact. It in general is a screwed up situation. The only way I see is to make his transversal like bobs and have it drain, but this might kill the kraken.


maybe i should have restated that… im all for making him much much much squishy. all for it. i meant by king of the skies as king of everything /from/ the skies. kraken in its current state while according to telemetry is doing better. i hate fighting him even more than normal :frowning:


But there really isn’t counter play to it, movements are erratic, it can chain from half the map away, and if transversals are properly used he can stay in air indefinitely. Change is needed, it’s just do you take away his range so hunters can get a shot off? Or break it because the general consensus is it’s unfun?
Edit: you just gotta try and play smart, overly smart.


Banshee Mines feel like they would need to be a lot better as mines if they were limited to that as opposed to a spammy attack.

Thunderstrike taking two dodges to avoid is old news, and it does make him strong.

Aftershock can be devastating and easy to land if the Kraken uses it properly - dropping from the air on the Hunters.

Kraken has also always been basically impossible to ground for any amount of time that would make it worthwhile.


Alot more counter play than there was before.

Mines will actually have an arm time, making them Riskier to spam, and Thunderstrike is easier to avoid with a corrected particle. Thunderstrike will also deal less damage than normal, but will reward the Kraken player for corralling hunters with his other spells to get off huge damage from hitting multiple hunters.

IMHO, Kraken’s whole problems are the way his Mines and Thunderstrike work. Mines are just spammable missiles that hitstun while Thunderstrike is a huge-nearly impossible skill to avoid with massive damage behind it.

So I believe easier time to take out mines, and actively spreading out will reduce this Kraken’s overall effectiveness.


the traversal idea is neat to say the least, he would probably be slower at that rate which is going in the wrong direction i think. they slowed wraith down and turned her into a brawler. imo they should do the opposite with kraken. since he can launch multiple abilities off to have them land at nearly the same time… lower the damage so they dont insta kill anymore but only slightly buff cooldowns (maybe), while making kraken move a tad bit faster and a little bit easier to kill (less health or armor slightly).

maybe my idea is doing too much at once but only 1 thing at a time wouldnt really help anything


I am actually taking a ton of ideas from you guys an implementing them into changes.

My goal is to try to compile a list of changes that would make Kraken feel better to play against and play as.