I was able to do the goliath cage glitch with Parnell


Da glitch

so yeah I was able to do this now


Woah, what skin was it? Did you get out?


Looks like the Gold skin, but yeah were you able to get out of this? Need to know if its worth pranking my team :smile: I mean for testing and reproduction testing… :ok_hand:


That’s awesome :joy: man I’d be panicking though. In a cage with a Goliath, hell no.


Yeah you are able to get out by jet packing and spamming rockets


WTF? LOL that was awesome!


How… Why… xD


Just saying it was a bad idea to post this publicly because now everyone will abuse this…i hope your happy :cry:


That’s beautiful… Why…?

And @Hal0, it shouldn’t matter too much, Warp Blast will probably knock you out of it, along with Rock Throw… Lava Bomb too. Plus, the cage does stop moving for a short period of time…

Also agreeing with @ToiletWraith :wink:


Yeah but why the heck would they want to abuse it? Unless shots go through the bars, why on earth would you wanna get stuck in there?
Lets say if the shots dont go through the cage and your team is dead, there’s nothing you can do to stop the monster pounding away at the relay.


but the shots DO GO THROUGH THE BARS and once you are in there the monster cant win.


And I will now leave a lot of games on that map.



^^ :wink:


I cant check the video because it refuses to load, but did they really? Or have you tested it? o.O


He doesn’t show it in the video but i have tested it and it works flawlessly…


And you have full vision of the relay?


You may be right but the fact remains if the monster cant give a wild guess that you glitched he cant touch you in there


@ToiletWraith It does look like they go through it… But if you can push the cage back and forth with abilities… on top of it moving on it’s own… It would be pretty hard to aim…


A good monster player will realize that you are up there… you can see where the shots are coming from, and the markers, and hear sounds of the shots, and you can smell the hunter(s!!! O_O)…


Exactly what I mean :b I don’t think it would be that viable, and considering you have things like lava bomb, rock throw, flame breath and even warp blast, a bunch of aoe attacks are gonna screw your vision and line of sight up. It would be a VERY Situational abuse.