I want Turtle Rock to understand something about the Monster levels


The past 4 games I played as the Goliath I’ve won each time, and it wasn’t because I was facing incompetant hunters. Using the game’s sneak and footstep mechanics, I was able to succesfully lead the hunters away from the area that I wanted to feed, but I wasn’t feeding to evolve, I was feeding to simply get some shields for the strategy I had in mind. I put into different skills in each of the four games as Goliath and then I would attempt to lure the hunters into an area with some of the bigger wildlife, seeing as to how something like the crowbilled sloth hits like a truck. Once the big wildlife would damage them whether they were trying to get a buff or not, I would take the opportunity to strike, and it worked. The big walker animal once did almost half health damage to any of the hunters it attacked and I killed each hunter before they even broke my shields, which I think was due to them having to balance between two, or on one occasion three monsters. I did that four games in a row and it worked everytime.

Let me remind everybody again that I was level 1 with only two skills each time. I’m not trying to brag, I just think that the disparity between levels for monsters is insane, and Turtle Rock should create incentive for the player who is the monster to actually attempt to end the game early, whether it be an XP bonus that scales with time elapsed or something. The point I wanted to make is how ridiculous it is that these games last way longer than they should because people just want to get to level 3 which is extremely difficult to kill if it has full shields. I like how the game rewards me for using my strategy. So with that said, I hope everyone that reads this post takes something from it, whether it be a strategy or something. I’m glad that Turtle Rock took the approach of including hostile AI, as it adds a layer or depth to the gameplay which rewards players who experiment with different tactics.


Yours is one side of the coin to another that is posted regularly. I think you’re an experienced player that gets the game. well done :slight_smile:


I hear what you’re saying but I think is purely skill and experience factor. I played allot yesterday and rolled one hunter team after another without breaking a sweat. but couple times I got paired with hunter teams that were on my level and holy crap… they stayed on my ass the whole time like a bad smell… just dodging them whole game to wait for tier three was not an option I had . And I would not expected them to get phased by wildlife either.

I’ll be cocky and say that I am above average monster from seeing others play, and the game was mostly easy… But when I went against hunter team that was good as well IT SHOWED! The game play was totally different. I expect hunter teams that know what they are doing will be come more common once the game releases.

Even when I played wraith… while they could not corner me, they kept me running instead of eating most of the game.


may I ask what level your at currently? When I played in the Big Alpha and the Beta I had a very similar experience. As @niaccurshi said you may just “get it” I was the same way. Wait till you level up and get better competition, you might be singing a different tune.


I’m level 15, and you’re most likely right about hunters’ tactics “evolving” as time passes. The Wraith and Kraken at the moment seem overpowered to some, but I’m sure the 3 star perks combined with certain hunters and playstyles may dispatch those monsters pretty easily.


I’m level 20, but I’m still getting no challenge. I don’t think that is a factor imo.


Can’t trust the level really that just how much you play…you know when you are fighting a good hunter team. I am on 18 monster streak atm and only really been tested 5 times. By tested i mean they ate into my stage 3 health beyond 1/2 way. Only once i got all thr way down to a final bar. All those times in the lobby after they all had mics and were talking strats.

I think this game needs to implement some sort of searching with a mic feature makes games more fun an interesting.

And I agree with the taking down the hunters at stage one should carry some weight to force more engagements or what not. Nothing for me is more satisfying than taking down hunters in 3 mins. But also when people learn to play the game correctly they will learn one thing…never engaging before stage 3 isnt the best monster strategy your going into a fight against 0 penalized hunter team with a good team u can take down a stage 3 monster. Not to toot my own horn here but my team and i have a few times. Thats cause we communicate and work together and probably “get it”. Does being stage 3 lead to wins as monster absolutely however against a skilled hunter team who knows what they are doing it can be difficult. Remember they will be ready for you at the power relay and will usually control the fight in an advantageous position and have multiple traps ready.

The real problem is that all the games monsters get put into with hunters its every man for himself and they dont communicate leading to easy stage up and wins. Its teaching a monster to never engage and once I get to stage 3 I win. All that said the matchmaking should be tweaked in many ways to improve game quality hopefully thats what this beta is for.


I’m a dedicated monster player and it really shows when your playing against people who are not communicating or sticking together versus those teams where they stay together every step of the way and use all their abilities to the max. I’m a pretty good hunter player as well and it sucks when I get stuck on a team that just doesn’t really understand what they are doing such as the medic (val) not using their healing gun a single time the entire match.


As someone who was undefeated on monster in both previous alphas…I’ve had some VERY CLOSE games already in this beta. Like, with Daisy being buffed the way she was, hunters can really stay on your ass the whole game.

To the point I only bother sneaking if there isn’t a Maggie, otherwise I go for speed.


Yeah, hopefully there is better skill-based matchmaking after the Beta. Right now, the matches tend to be pretty imbalanced skill and experience-wise.


Yup well said…I will say this I have somewhere around 40 random search games in out of those 40 in 30 of them I either wrecked as monster or we got wrecked due to poor lack of communication and team work.

However those random 10 games I got in with ppl with mics and knew what they were doing was some of the most fun ive had playing a game.

After all this is a beta so im ok with it atm but I hope down the road there is something implemented for better gameplay. I have full confidence in TRS to lead this game into the upper echelon of gaming :smile:


I have the exact same experiences. No communication+team work? Get destroyed/destroy them. Communication+team work? Crazy fun and super competitive. The few times I’ve gotten some people with mics was super fun.


Yup and im not out here saying im the best hunter I screw up too just like anyone else would but when im one shot standing next to the medic and he wont heal me and I get killed by wildlife it is frustrating lol


RIGHT?!?!? I always wonder what people are thinking when they play a Medic and never heal anybody. What part of the word “Medic” did they not understand?!


I think giving the monster an incentive to engage earlier is a good idea.
Perhaps ending the game at Stage 1 or Stage 2 can give more XP for the monster.


I fully agree with you, I have had the exact same experience in the game in that I play goliath as it is the most balanced at the moment and is fully capable of ending stage 1 and stage 2 games EASILY, I do it consistently at stage 2 and every now and again at stage 1. I love fighting as monster, why run around like a coward for 20 minutes pissing 4 others off. (There’s also a feeling of accomplishment and pride when you beat them without stage 3!)

Using the terrain, or wildlife, is such an asset when done right and really turns things in one party’s favor when used like that.

As such an exp bonus or an achievement, plain simply ANYTHING that might get monsters to fight at lower stages instead of making me play jetpack simulator 2015 for 20-30 minutes is much needed.