I want to see if my reasoning is the same as others' in regards to the patch delay


So i didnt want to ost this in the so you were talking about topic because i felt it would get lost/skimmed over, but my thoughts are like many others’ dissappointment. ranked with the amount of DC’s, cookie cutter comps/same monster being played all the time, no new maps, and now delay in patch it sucks.

i love this game, we all love this game which is why some of us complain so much while those same people will turn around and defend this same buggy and broken game because it has a purely awesome idea and for the most part it succeeds but lately its been a drag, we all know it to some degree or another. the game is still awesome but it in general has this tendency to shooting itself in the foot so to speak and that sucks.

a good percantage of gamers id guess would get new games from time to time but since i got evolve when it launched i havnt bought a single game (i did however get CoD BO3 and SW battlefront for christmas as gifts from family). with that as justicification and for the fact that i love this game ive bought nearly all the skins and the 2nd hunting season…

now i did the math and i think i honestly forgot a few skins to count in this since im at work (its slow today lol) and ive totalled everything ive spent to about $240 BEFORE tax. thats a lot of money. do i think its worth it? every penny because this game is the bee’s knees, ankles, and thighs in my mind.

that makes this patch delay to where we are possibly going to be having this game in a very buggy state, toxic meta (hanks and mad mags run rampant while krakens spam their abilies like its going out of style) in ranked, and going back to the patch 9.0 which was going to swoop in and save the day… now all is barren for a few months.

i get it. theres other games out there or at the very least coming out but i love this game and would rather play this. i know this dev team is working hard and doing what they can without breaking any agreements with whoever they cant talk about… this is just me saying ive put so muh time and money into this game, and while i know you guys are one of the 3 hardest working dev teams out there (in regards to my personal favorite games (TRS, Bethesda, and From Software)) i just wish that we could get our hands on this game and be able to enjoy it to 100% of its potential rather than just sticking it out with the situation.

i dont know if this counts as a rant but does anyone else feel this way? or anything close to it? all i have left for the time being to enjoy the game is customs with friends and even then right now… :confused:


To be honest, yes I feel very similar. I too love this game, have bought almost everything DLC to further support it, and play it almost exclusively right now… I too am becoming a bit discourage on the current state of the game… Yes it a great game, but the current Meta kinda sucks… Monsters are to weak, and promotes a “flee till 3” for most hunter players (there are few monster players that can fight at all stages)… I look forward to all the changes upcoming that are speculated to happen (except decoy change)… I feel like a kid around Christmas, that stole a look at the presents under the tree, knows what their getting, and has to wait for the glorious day that they can be opened


I don’t play Evolve as much as I used to because R6:S and Primal are occupying most of my gaming time lately, but I try to get on at least once a week.

To be fair, there are ways around the few things in the game currently that are causing people so much stress. Plus, just because the next title update is slated to be around summer, does not mean that TRS can’t release micro patches to help with balance and bugs.

The community seems to be in a panic right now thinking that nothing is going to happen for months, but I highly doubt that.


see and while i cant nor wont say youre wrong i recall reading a dev comment saying they will try to release a micropatch but even thats not garenteed… likely but how much could a micropatch fix? maybe enough, i guess i should try to be more positive and maybe it’ll feel like time would be passing quicker but as of right now im just… idk


Came across as a well thought out, letter of concern from a member of the community.


Nothing about balance, but at least on PS4 the game is way more stable than it used to be.


ill be back on evolve in june cuz im sick of playing right now plus ill be fresh for the update so ima play pvz2 until i get sick of playing that and then back to evolve


We are working on a micropatch right now. We do not have a locked timeline for when it will be out, but it should have quite a bit of changes that come along with it. Once we have everything laid out that we plan on changing I’m sure we’ll start dropping hints for it.


I doubt you can tell us but ill ask anyway. Are the pounce related bugs for gorgon/hunters being looked at for the micropatch or is that going to be associated with the larger changes in TU9


I bet the marketing team wanted to get it out nearer to E3. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes micro hot fixes are what’s at least required regularly on Evolve that we don’t normally get but at least this news is encouraging at least!

What’s in this micro patch may I ask? I’m guessing minor changes like some nerfs and buffs cough cough kraken!


cough cough waste maggie and others your forgeting


LoL yeah ok but Kraken gives me nightmares not waggie!


Kala was correct our nightmares comes from them and i can wait on the patches due to the fact i’m waiting on other game patches as well. (Gorgon was in my dreams before he was fully released and well he was eating something in the broken hill mines)


Thanks, i know some of our (the communities) negative response to the patch delay and current meta probably isn’t helping at all but its just because we love the game and how dedicated we are just like we know how you guys are to the game as well. We all know how hard you’re all working and appreciate any and all info we get but we get greedy.

Most if not all other devs of other games wouldn’t go half the distance in term of interaction that you guys go so perhaps we feel entitled after such good treatment from you guys. If it means anything know that i and my friends will still, like always, be playing customs (we arent big ranked players even tho some of our ranks arent bad) but customs is where the heart of evolve is and we all cant wait for the patch and new ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that you guys bring to this game because its pretty much always awesome.

Just keep up the good work and god (flying spaghetti monster) speed


My only actual concern is that they might seriously expect the already tiny playerbase to stick around for Evolve’s current gamebreaking state for another few months.

It all comes down to these micropatches in the meantime, but so far it’s the same as always - they only drop vague hints and don’t actually tell us anything about what it’s gonna fix.

I’d rather they just step up right now, answer the question that’s on everyone’s mind: “Will the micropatch fix the major bugs?” and be done with it. No more confusion.


Great to hear, at least a micropatch is coming. :slightly_smiling:
Is there a chance that hotfixes for important bugs (unable to use class ability while sneak pounced) will come along with it?


I think i’ve been charmed by this wordsmith!

Truly I feel the same way. I’m kind of sad about it, but there’s just nothing for it. We have to wait a very long time for an update the community is jonesing for like precious addictive substances. All we can do is curl up and cry until it drops. I’ve never been so worried about the player base however. I fear only the truly hardcore players with stick around over such a long span of time. I do however appreciate TRS’ being upfront about the wait. If they had strung us along for 4-5 months we’d have devolved into cannibal tribes roving the streets, demanding updates on the patch and the flesh of the innocent. I’ll be waiting in the meantime. I hope this game get’s the recognition it deserves. I trust TRS.
Turtle Rock Studios is


I kinda doubt that a small patch would be enough to fix anything major. Personally I’m just hoping they’ll fix the Gorgon wall pounce; anything else I can pretty much live with.


I really, really hope they fix that Gorgon pounce bug as well.
But as a Goliath main, I don’t see myself playing Evolve in 3-4 months if they don’t fix the no-Charge bug in the meantime. Same for Kraken being OP, and same for the bug that prevents using your class ability while pounced.

I’ve been complaining about how that shit needed to be hotfixed the day afterwards when 1 month had already passed instead. I can confidently say, in the most neutral way I possibly can, that I can’t deal with another few months of Evolve’s current state.