I want to put Daisy on this list but


She keeps messing with my damn pads.


Quiet is one of the best video game companions you could ever ask for. The things she helps you with are amazing.


Why do you insult me? Such disrespect!


Good thing I’m immune to most of her bests assets.


Who doesn’t want a lovely lady that doesn’t say too much.


Does she even dialog?



She talks once.



What? When?


The end of her storyline. She has quite a bit to say then. Its sort of one of the better scenes story wise in the game too.


Scene? What scene? This is the first I’m hearing about Daisy talking.


Oh. I thought you were talking about Quiet…


It seems like you look all over the Internet to put this gif :smile:


Ugh, Watchmojo


Only when it’s relevant!


Daisy = best AI ever.


Well, she also talks at the beginning of the game, as well. But I think it’s only about one line.


Hmmm. I don’t believe so. She’s totally silent with the exception of her scream.


IIRC she does actually say the words “V has come to” just before the hospital comes under attack.


Was that her?

I always thought it sounded a little animatronic, I guess it could be her.