I want to play Behemoth but others rather I be a Wraith


So I flat out suck with Behemoth on higher level play but it seems to drive premade teams up walls to fight me that they ask me to play wraith instead because they assume they would have more fun chasing me then shooting me to death than shoot me to death. I killed them with Wraith. Wraith is still my go to girl but I want to enjoy the thing I spent 15$ on, win or lose. What do I do?


Only options are to either wait for the buffs to Brohemoth (yes it’s spelled that way) or to just keep improving at him.

Or both.


play it and wip them


The only improvement I’ve made was use heavy melee roll spam to fight off assaults who get in my face, feels shameful but its the only way I know to defend myself in a pinch.

Does anyone have any tip to playing Brohemoth on higher level play?


Roll as much as possible. Covers your weakpoint entirely and makes you faster and more unpredictable.


After a heavy attack I prefer to try to hit my target with fissure and once they’re in the air I land a lava bomb near by to either do impact damage or DOT to keep them on their toes. And lvl 2 tongue grab to keep them from escaping. It isn’t an automatic win of course, and I only roll-melee to initiate a hit on my target and don’t ever spam it (at least not on purpose)


Rolling currently doesn’t cover weakspot actually, it is glitched



Come on. :unamused:


Yeah I get more punished for rolling than I do for just sitting in a corner waiting for a good moment to attack someone.


Doth i sayeth something wrong?


Is there anything about Behemoth that ISN’T glitched?!


his adorable smile :smile:


…I have to give you that one. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well there is…
If you just…
…ya he’s one giant ball of bugs. He’s cute though


How do you begin your engage on the hunters if you ever find yourself having to, IN GREAT DETAIL! (when trapper catches you).


He is fun occasionally, but until his multiple bugs on rockwall are fixed and his weakspot is fixed I wouldn’t touch him in a serious matter.
Behemoth wins in chokepoint fights and loses pretty much everywhere else. Against decent teams you’ll just be harrassed at those chokepoints and ultimately be forced to fight in a disadvantageous position, which are by far more existent for Behemoth than any other Monster.
He’s good to stomp pugs every now and than I guess if you get the combos right, but against a tryhard team I’d say your all out of luck with behemoth in his current state. Even after the upcoming tweaks his skillset and traversal is way too map dependent imho.
The only way Behemoth players actually get to win occasionally against decent teams is hoping for one of them to be out of position and following up with abusing the roll attack, which will get fixed as well.

To pubstomp I feel max fissure 2 tongue 1 wall seems to do the trick. Though you might as well just leave the bugged wall and go for 1 lavabomb or even max tongue. Since you can’t fight properly right now as Behemoth you might as well go full burst. Behemoth burst is not reliably healable or even shieldable after hitting Tongue -> Fissure -> roll attack abuse -> lavabomb the corpse -> next target -> tongue -> fissure -> roll attack abuse. In the end it’s all about hitting the Tongue at relatively close range so they can’t jetpack out of the fissure before they get out of the stagger from being pulled.
Most Behemoths try to play way too defensively which just doesn’t work in his current state.

Played him myself a little bit to get a bit of fresh air from the Wraith spamming myself, but he is more of a fun Monster than a viable one right now. And going back to Wraith after a few games Behemoth the game feels just so much more fluid with Wraith.


A tip that never fails for me, make sure you get domed near a dune beetle, megamouth, nomad. Anything that will hurt the hunters and has a large meat count. Wait until you need it in a fight. Surely the hunters will have killed it. Then put up a wall and get a huge chunk of armor back.

I take speed eating perk (surprising no one).


If your tactics are solid you should still be able to kill the hunters, especially at stage 1 as behemoth without meleespamming.

S1: 2 Lavabomb or 3 and 1 Tongue grab
S2 : 3 Rockwall or 2 RW and 3 Lavabomb
Finish the game here or strike everybody twice or the relay fight is gonne be brutal.

Tongue grab is an essential tool you shouldn’t miss out on and is very easy to hit. Combo that into a save wall in a good position and you got yourself a strike.

For me for example I have had a very hard time to actually learn to use anything besides lavabomb because most of my games I won at stage 1 with 3 points into lavabomb.

It is a brutal skill that can be abused. Make your position known and keep rolling away and on cooldown lob it onto the enemy team. Sometimes the trapper, sometimes further back this will lead to the enemy team opening up on you in a weakened state. For example if you flat out hit with the bomb you reduce anything in the vicinity to below 50% HP, when you then suddenly turn around and roll towards them to roll touch and heavy attack them once they are at a slither. If you hit the next bomb he is definitely a goner.

If you do that to the trapper you mark another lavabomb on him and start rolling away and always dragging the downed body with you until dead.

Or you go evolve whatever plenty of possibilities