I want to play as monster when grouped with a friend


I like playing monster. A lot. I play Evacuation mode exclusively. But most of the time I get to play this game I’m also playing with my friends. I would love it if I could check a box somewhere that says “allow me to play as monster while in a party”. That way having monster as #1 on my preference can allow me to play as monster, and I can also get into games with friends (we talk on teamspeak).

Right now the only way for this to happen would be to make a custom game or just hope that we end up in the same game when we queue up. Both of which aren’t really options because 1: I want to play evacuation mode and 2: If we don’t end up in a game together then we either have to sit and wait for the timer or play in different games.

Please just let us choose monster while in a party. Its fun to play with as well as against your friends.


Just play custom evacuation. That feature would get abused so bad by trolls or teams just wanting to boost.


Yeah if I wanted to play with bots I would just do solo. I don’t have enough friends for that. If I did I wouldn’t be asking for these features.

And not adding a feature to a game because ‘it can be abused’ is just like saying students cant bring pens to school because ‘they can stab people with them’. Its a feature, yes there can be assholes who abuse this stuff, but the point is to not be an asshole and report these people when you encounter them. If you can’t handle that then what business do you have playing online with other people? I mean isn’t that the point? You have to accept the good with the bad.


Ah I get what you mean now. I thought you meant a whole group of five. My bad. True I get your point I especially hate playing with bots just because one or two of my friends can’t be online with the rest of us. The only reason I’m just against it a bit is because I’ve already encountered group of trolls, a support who did nothing but jump around with the monster the whole game and later finding out they were friends.
But When they do make a separate ranked mode then I think they should add that feature to the regular matchmaking having one for serious play and the other for laid back playing so even if people get the trolls it won’t matter as much then.