I want to know how to use Unity for a fan-game


But the tutorials for unity almost never show how programming works, how you use C++. It’s like trying to teach someone to make a dish without showing them what are the ingredients.

There’s only 5 of them without counting Kala that becomes monsters after their death, and the rest of the monsters are just regular monsters.


cPP is needed… Master those if then statements. Honestly if you want good gaming tuturials for cPP programming and visual go over to garage games and check out Torque… Once you are apart of the community you will gain access to forums and forums of like minded devs and profressionals with sample codes, games and more…

They have a fantastic tutorials for programming… www.garagegames.com I have a lot of their engines and the resource pool is by far one of the best for people out there.


Alright, I’ll check that out for my free time.


Shooter Tutorial


Snake game tutorial



I have followed a simple program for HTLM, CSS and PHP. I largely prefer HTML. CSS and PHP are a nightmare to code.
For now, those are the only things I have learned so far.


HTML and CSS aren’t bad.
PHP gives me a lot of problems though. SQL is fine but I don’t use it a lot.


HTML and CSS are the easiest for me.


Those are pretty much the only languages I no besides python


HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, and a bit of SQL. That is what I know. JS I am learning more of, I am wishing I knew less of PHP. (so many long nights)


Lol ha ha ha. That is a lot of programming tho. :+1::+1:


HTML is the thing that I’ll stick the more to. C++ however will be the most important thing to learn here, it’s the door to game creation.