I want to know how to use Unity for a fan-game


I’ve animated the title a little bit. It’s not as smooth as I wanted, but that’ll do for now.


I’ve added a (yet uncompleted) list of achievements that I plan to add for my project.

Succès Goliath
Rise of the Phoenix : Escape from the war

Succès Arbre
Mighty fist : End your training by…destroying a tree

Succès pensée
"I can do that too!" : Learn your first ability from an ennemy Goliath and use it

Succès arme
Armed to the teeth : Craft your first weapon

Succès Salveron
Nature’s wonders : Find a Salveron fungus

Succès feuille
Nature’s gift : resurrect you or a crewmate by using a Salveron fungus

Succès Kraken
Unexpected encounter : Find your first crewmate

Succès Spectre
"What a Misogynist!" : Find your second crewmate and defeat him

Succès WIP
Broken love : Find your third crewmate and reconfort her

Succès WIP
"Old soldiers are hard to kill" : Find your fourth crewmate and complete the crew

Succès Goliath mort
Fight fire with fire : Kill your first Goliath

Succès WIP
Electroshock : Kill your first Kraken

Succès Spectre mort
Fatal beauty : Kill your first Wraith

Succès WIP
Molten core : Kill your first Behemoth

Succès WIP
Jumpscared : Kill your first Gorgon

Succès sauvetage
Untrustworthy savior : Save the incapacited colonists from the waves of monsters

Succès Planet Tamer
New hunter : Be you and your crewmates, part of Cabot’s crew

Succès Phantom Wraith
"We will meet again" : Meet…

Succès Double rôle
"I’m probably not human…but I am not a monster" : Complete the game in any difficulty mode

Succès secret
"OCCUPIED!" : It’s not good to enter without knocking



Yeah…but no.
I’m not looking for that kind of gameplay. I’m more looking for a “Beat 'em all” type of gameplay, exactly like the one from “Mother Russia Bleeds”.
The lore I want to give is also a sort of bonus to the original lore of Evolve, a lore that starts away from the original lore and begins to link slowly with the original until it completely changes it.
If I was able to reskin entirely the game “Mother Russia Bleeds” with monsters, hunters and a wild environment, I’d probably do that.


Yeah just thought it might help with reference to the pixel art style :slight_smile:


Thanks, but Mother Russia Bleeds is pixelated and with much more complexity in the art and with smooth animations.
Like this for example, this is from the game in question:


maybe for the achievement for the 4th crewmate make the icon the 4 hunter class types but maybe slanted a bit so they’re not perfectly straight squares


In fact, the crewmates aren’t hunters so I don’t think I’ll do that. I want to put each monster in each case but right now the Kraken, the Behemoth and the Gorgon are missing because I don’t have any proper model to work on. When I did the Goliath from scratch, it was without the CTRL+Tab method and it took me a long time to figure out the proper morphology. But when I did the Wraith, it was much more simpler because her model exists in SFM so I could make a pose and latter do the CTRL+Tab method in the browser.


will we still be able to meet the og hunters

I will murder you if you don’t let me play one of my mains


You’d be able to meet all the hunters of the lore, but you won’t be able to play them. At the beggining of the story, they will chase you, and later then, they will add you and your crewmates to the crew.
Do you have any monster main? Because they’d be the only playable characters.



You done gone messed up not letting me play my hunter mains, enjoy the DDOS


Hey, it’s not possible to kill hundreds of monsters as a hunter alone, that’d be suicide.

She’ll be playable, but you’ll find her in the mid story of the game.


well if it’s co op i could have player controlled or AI allies


Coop is also what I want to add, but since MRB does not support online coop, I think it’d be a big plus to have online coop.


I would recommend you start out with something simple sprite based like a fish bowl. learn how the obj work within the world… no need to create your game just yet… practice with the tutorials first…

In unity there are a few differnt tutorials that can take you where you want to go depending on well you learn from copying anothers work… from there, you improvise on it, make your own tweaks and then go on…

Finding the beginners tutorial can be hard or easy depending on how adept you are…

for instance, https://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/projects/survival-shooter-tutorial

would be a great way to present your game in a slightly different viewpoint in order to give it a differnt feel for that double dragon genre.

Then, you could also look into other tutorials here at

to find so many ideas, beginners guides and more.

If you would like I can keep grabbing resources for you… its what i do with twitter so i have a lot of the links already stored on my computer…

One of my personal favorites in the development world is Tourqe2d game builder… Its your WYSIWYG of game design and its great about breaking you into the style your after… GarageGames is the company and the userbase is vast and the knowledge is always in a healthy supply.

Even though GarageGames may of incorperated most of its engines into just Toque and Torque3d, I still would say that its a great place to start… You will also be introduced to the coding side of games and you will find that scripting is going to be one of your greatest assets.

What you want to do to start is write down your idea… Nurture it on paper (not computerf) and create your basic outline of what you want to accomplish in the title.

Then, once you have a solid foundation on paper with MATH and layouts and scenarios ready You can move more easily into your own creation and take charge of it… Otherwise you will be chasing your own tail trying to learn and build at the same time, and take it from my experience… That is not a winning combination.


With best regards,


The tutorials given by the team of Unity are very unclear, and when they present a type of gameplay, they don’t show the coding table of the game. But thanks for the infos, I’ll take 'em.

Anyway, I added some more achievements in the list such as this one
Succès Double rôle
Took me a long time to make it.


I’m sure this music would fit perfectly for the last fight against Phantom Wraith since in the lore she’s the one who teleports through planets one by one and leaves chaos and destruction from the monsters she teleports in.

Having the 5 playable monsters to fight against her on Earth with that music would be so cool IMO.

This is also how I think she’d look like in term of colors.

But this is not the way Phantom Wraith should look like, this is just a prototype of what I believe her colors would be.


Succès Kraken
It’s a bit bigger than what I wanted, but that’ll do for now.


I put this sort of to-do list to give you an idea of what I would like to make in case one day I get the ability to program stuff:


  • Is a Beat 'em All.
  • System of progression trough levels that unlocks new attack moves and makeshift gears (combos shall be the most simple as possible).
  • Ability to carry ressources found in the environment and on ennemies/the wildlife.
  • Crafting system.
  • Ability to play with 4 players (maybe 5 if possible and online).
  • Would feature a Story Mode, an Endless Mode and a Versus Mode.
  • Probably 7 or more different playable characters, so 5 for Story Mode.
  • Like in MRB, different environmental effects depending on the level can affect the player’s status.

Art Style:

  • 16-Bits art style.
  • Heavily inspired of the game Mother Russia Bleeds.
  • Environment filled with animations.
  • Characters animating in dialogues (mostly to show their emotional thoughts) because MRB lacks of it.
  • Probably some cosmetic wearables for each character (shouldn’t be too grotesque)


  • The player plays a soldier of the 40’s that dies to end up alive in the future as a monster.
  • Other monsters that were formerly humans aid the player.
  • The story begins right after the hunters’ first steps on Shear.
  • The player can change the aspect of the story (like saving hunters that were supposed to die).
  • After the end of each level, the player have to face a boss (from a regular monster to hunters to unique monsters).
  • Evolving shoud be part of the story and not the gameplay.


the first word I think of when you say Humans turn into monsters is Rampage.

I have been posting a lot of tutorials on this site. Each time I find something useful for people I like to post it up in random or specific threads.