I want to know how to use Unity for a fan-game


Just take it from me, just code it first, once you have a render, then move to the artwork as the focus. Essentially, there’s nothing stopping you from doing artwork and doodles, but focus on getting a workable product that you can show off in a pre-alpha state. That means coding it completely with file I/O (Input/Output), Player Controls, etc. Then move on to artwork, and VO (Voice Over) - if that is something you’re going for.

I’ll be using my own little project as an example here.

I’ve got a shell for my engine atm - if you don’t remember I’m coding it from scratch rather than using Unity or a pre-existing game engine (E.G. Unreal). I haven’t been working on it lately because life has a habit of kicking me in the teeth lately, so I’ve been focusing on getting other things done. I was planning on moving to artwork and assets once I got my engine coded completely and I have something to show myself and others. I was going to look into getting 3DS Max/Maya and teaching myself how to use it and get steadily better until I get everything together. I’m aiming for a 3D game, not a 2D or a 2.5D game. That’s a whole other ball game, I’m also making this with the intention of selling it in a few years, so all the more reason I need to polish the hell out of it.

Eventually when I had a concept and it was polished enough that I’d be comfortable showing it off, I was going to post a few threads on the forums I frequent (including this one), and tap the community on what they want out of the specific genre I was working on, and put my own spin and flair on it, and get a small demo of it and then post it to show off, get some feedback, and polish it some more and work on the rest of the product after I got it to the point I wanted.

The lesson I’m trying to impart here is don’t piss off your community, listen to them, tap them, and get feedback. Often times, they’ve got a good grasp on your game if they’ve played it long enough, maybe even more so than you do, and there’s power in numbers, so keep an open door policy for the most part, obviously there’s some things you can’t share, but you can tap your community’s creative potential to give you ideas on what you should make and work with.

I’ve seen several developers and publishers screw up in more ways than one and their product flopped as a result. Good examples that come to mind is Bioware (recently), Phil Fish, and a few others I can’t name. Often times the reason they flopped was because there wasn’t enough polish (ME:A), or the creator was a douchebag (Fish). You’ve got a resource here, why not use it? Valve’s taking that approach actually from what I’ve seen them do over the past few years.

As for resources I’d recommend these:
Back in January, @Matthew made a great You Tube vid on Writing, one I immediately bookmarked so I could reference later.

A good article on pacing yourself, even if its just mods and related to Skyrim, it can be applied to Game Development as well.

Great video on AI. Again, Skyrim-related, but it can be applied to other aspects.

MSDN is Microsoft’s developer network and you can study and look up C++ functions here. I don’t know what version of C you’re working in (C++, or C#), I’d say the former, but I’d suggest googling it if you’re using C#.

'Bout all I can say, good luck, if you got questions and I see them, I’ll poke in again. I’m going to go back to lurking.


Wow, you just gave me a…pavé, I’ll read the whole post after my shower because it seems very interresing.
Voice over? Nah, I don’t think it would be generally necessary expect for some special actions with the bosses like Kali/Kalea screaming like a possessed woman to stun the protagonist, or Hydeous screaming like the man he was when he loses half of his health to then change his fighting style.


Ok, so I have a red triangle as the player that can jump, move left and right with the “character controller” and it has a yellow platform underneath in which it can walk on with “Box collider”.
Well at least IT’S A GAME!
######I just copy pasted the C# file from a link to move the triangle…and I don’t think that I will rememorate the file’s commands…
:sigh: if only Neuromods could exist IRL, that would’ve helped me a LOT.


its called drugs m8


Legal drugs, it’s a legal drugs. Take some of 'em and you’ll be able to learn everything in an instant.


If I want to learn how to code, fix bugs, create scripts, give movements and actions to the player, create AIs for the ennemies/allies, etc…I have to feel motivated. And when I’m motivated, I don’t stop.

When I see the amount of games made with Unity, their infinite potential, the fun brought to the player, the millions of possibilities, etc…it makes me believe in my dreams, it makes me believe that in the future I’ll be able to do fun games. That one for example:

It’s a great game, yet with a small content, but I’m having a lot of fun with its demo. And the fact that it’s so fun to play makes me think that I could also do games as fun as this one, and it motivates me.

My father also told me that he’s very happy to hear that I start to learn the language of coding plus the fact that I do it manually. He wished to see me learn it since a long time because of the fact that I play a lot of games like him. And it motivates me to see that what I do is making people happy, it makes me think that it’s worthy to continue on that way.


Ok, so because there’s a discount for games from “Devolver Digital” on Steam, I bought “Mother Russia Bleeds” for +/- 7.50€. I can’t wait to play it, because 1 it’s a great game that I wanted to play since a little moment, and 2 because it’ll help me in the future for my project.


Since the day for the…bachelor (or something like that) is comming up soon, I might be heavily slowed in my studies for Unity but that doesn’t mean that I won’t post any news, I’ll be still active on the forums and this thread. Don’t hesitate to talk to me anytime about whatever you want, it’s always a pleasure to communicate together.


I currently am waiting to be sent in the geek school, so I can learn more easily and with more precision how to code and make a game. Internet can give informations about the coding, but they are way too vague to be learnt, so I kinda have a wall in front of me for now. I will go to the geek school and start my week of studies the 31 of this month.
And before finishing this post, I leave you a little “teaser” like I did in some other threads, so I can make you dream.


That “Rurring out of power” tho :joy:


Oops…yes, I should tweak that.

Edit: It’s done, I just feel stupid because of that little mistake, it ruins the whole thing and makes it hilarious instead.


Do you know however, who is Edward Vincent Loustalot in the teaser and for the inspiration?


Edward Vincent Loustalot was a U.S. Army Ranger Lieutenant from Louisiana. He was killed in action on August 19, 1942, while participating in the Dieppe Raid and is considered the first American soldier to be killed by Germans on land in World War II.

Is this him?
The info’s from Wikipedia >.>


Exactly, I chosed him because he was the first american to DIE on the field. My own lore might be a bit weird in that case, but he would resurect in the future in one of the eggs that were supposed to teleport the monsters.


Alright, the geek school is near. It starts the 31 of this month and I have been recommended to install notepad++ (which I did).
I can’t wait to finally study there for the week!

I also think about taking screenshots when I’ll visit the school, to give you an overview of how it looks like.


Alright, I’m currently in the geek school and I’m working on the creation of a website. It’s not what I was looking for but because it’s the first day, I bet that it won’t be the only thing that I’ll learn.


Websites are soo easy once you learn how it works. It’s really just the same shell with different contents.


I kinda noticed, but anyway the day was pretty cool. You’ve got drinks (not beers fortunately), you can add some music while studdying, the “teacher” is awesome and you don’t feel bored. We even had to chose the colors and the logo of our website, but I decided to create mine.
Logo plaque militaire
Again with the dog tag, and made in more or less 5 minutes.


How do you find the new title of the project? Isn’t it cool?


Alright, I’m back from the institute of “Geek School”. We mostly worked on website pages such as a click counter and a bomb killer that we did with Notepad++ . I was hoping to work on more complex stuff, but I’m still happy from the tour.