I want to know how to use Unity for a fan-game


So, you might not know that, but I start to think about making this fan-game I always dreamed of. This dream of playing this game is starting to get stronger, so strong that I can’t handle it anymore. You might think I’m crazy, but I just wish to see big things become a reality. We all wish to see Evolve beeing developed again, right? I wish that too, but because it’s not possible, we all start to drift away from the game (well, some of us like me). I want to stay in the universe of Evolve, so I had the idea of making a fan-game with Unity (free-to-play obviously or else it would break the copyrights’ rules).
BearStream already told me that he is not giving interrest in the project I was talking about in my own thread because it’s not rewarding, then DAMN IT! DAMN UR STOOPID OPINOON AND FAK U, U LIL SCAMP! BOOO! Nah, I’m joking. I want to have what I wish to have, and if I can’t have it from someone else, I’ll do it by myself.

So guys, I want to make this true with the power of Unity. The problem however is that I have no experience with programing, 0%, nada, the total void. I want to make a 2D game, not a 3D game. I want to start tiny before going into the big stuff or else I’d mess a lot of stuff and do things that are not in my project.
I also know that a lot of begginers in programing gave up on this type of learning because they’re lost, they’re misunderstanding, they’re not doing what they’re wishing, they start with a project too big or too complex, they get frustrated, etc…but I don’t want to end up like them. I want to do what I wish to become reality. I already sent a mail to a dev from another game if he’s alright to teach me how to use Unity because that’s the engine he use for his game since 4 years, but I had no response from him sadly.

So, if any of you have experienced with Unity and know how to use it, I’d love to be teached, so don’t hesitate to tell me if you want to get involved. You can chat in this thread, or you can talk to me more closely like with Discord (Dovahkick #8931). We’re a community after all, we love and help each other, right?


Wouldn’t know much about Unity, I had plans to mess around with Unreal Engine though in the summer. I’ll keep an eye out for tutorials though, usually youtube has a lot of sources
This guy seemed to create a pretty good series, good feedback from it anyway


Did a youtube search.

Just look stuff up on Youtube mate, that’s the only way I can get things done.


It would be a good help, because I did not find any good tutorial with the keywords “Unity”, “from scratch” and “2D”.


Thanks, I’m gonna take a look at it.


Woah, I think you ninja’d me on the exact same video


Yep. That’s why I changed the video.


In fact, like I already mentioned in my thread of flash game suggestions, I want to do something that looks very much like Mother Russia Bleeds, a Beat’Em Up made by “Le Cartel”, a french independant company. If you don’t know what this game is, here’s the trailer to give you an opinion:

Since MRB is very bloody and dirty, I want to make the game with the exact type of gameplay, but with less bloody and dirty sprites.


Just to know, is it possible to make a side-scrolling game in wich you can walk left, right, up and down instead of only left and right with Unity 2D?



This is what I mean by side-scrolling:

In green is the background/wall (can’t walk on), in red is the floor (can walk on), in black is the foreground (can’t walk on), the white cross indicates the movements possible for the player and the ennemies.
Is there a tutorial for this kind of stuff? Also, is it recommended to create the sprite of the character before trying to code it?


Put it the least effort possible before you make any elaborate art.
You wan’t to make sure the game works before you make a detailed sprite (or model in a 3D game).
Use a black box for all I care.


I tried to code the prototype and…tbh, it’s rocket science!
Just for the movements, I have to type a pile of commands. And now I think about the list of commands for punch, takle, charge attack, rage mode, finish move, dodge, use item, throw, combos, etc…it’s going to be a nightmare to do all of that if I work on my main project (which I’m currently not doing for now).


Yep. It’s always rocket science at first.
In anything you do.
Just a year ago i started learning HTML and CSS and it was confusing as heck, now it is a second language to me.
It isn’t easy, but what in life is worth it if it isn’t hard?


You mean that you learnt it as a second language like if english was my second language?
That’s gonna need me MORE than just videos to learn coding in that case.


Not saying you need to learn it as another language, I’m just saying what it did for me.
For now stay small and keep practicing.


This is how the coding looks like for now, but the “compiler errors” aren’t fixed and I have no idea what a compiler error is, nor a compiler.


Did you look at Digital Tutors ?


This guide’s a bit outdated (Unity 4.3) so I don’t think that would help me.


Hey there,i’m a fresher at Unity,so i will tell you how i learn it

This.You do excatly what they tell you.This way you got a idea of how Unity work and what a game should made of.Then you start screwing around,scripts is require if you do not want to be limited