I want to keep having fun


Sadly I have to choose between either fun or character progression. I really want to have different skins to play with and right now the only way is to grind the elite skins or pay a voluptuous fee for a plain recolor for 1 character. Sometimes playing as the monster I drag the game out farming the hunters to earn a tad more progression and I know they get frustrated some even opt for suicide with the environment and I do feel bad but I feel forced to.


W/e don’t care much about the Elite skins.You will get them eventually.No matter what you are trying for example the Lazarus elite will come in a month or so.2 days of Lazarus and i need 10 more ressurects to get my Elite.In 2 days.

So choose the fun and don’t worry.The skins will come


Yep! I love the game so far but the grind…

Fortunately, the mobile app helps tremendously giving you 50% of the required “points” to get to the next mastery level.

Unlocking the different hunters didn’t take too long (7 hours).

However the monster’s progression isn’t affected by the app so you will have to grind. Once you get used to the monsters not to bad but a little annoyed the mobile doesn’t give you a boost as it did with the hunters.

I completely agree: grind for the skins is quite a chore. Wouldn’t surprise me if the grind mechanic was developed to coerce players to “pay a voluptuous fee” for skins.