I want to get this, but


I want to buy this game but I am concerned if it will be worth the money. I read a lot of reviews and my concerns don’t so much come from other reviews. Rather the overall model of this game is concerning. It is a multiplayer focused game. So, if there isn’t a strong community that continues to support this game it will die. I understand you can play solo, but this game is intended for multiplayer use. I am also concerned about the communication in this game. If I buy this game it would be for PS4. I usually don’t see a lot of players talking on a PS4. Is there an option for Mics Only in this game? I see a lot of players saying you can find a team from message boards and so on. That seems pretty constricting if I have to wait for a group of players to be online to have a good time. If they are not online I have to take a chance on being with a group with no Mics or sense of team work. I honestly want to buy this game, but right now it doesn’t seem like a smart purchase. Am I far off on my concerns?


Game is fantastic and all and it will continue being.
Now as for the community and stuff concerning the PS4.I can’t say.That’s up to you.
In PC the playerbase is good and people chat/use mics.But i don’t know about PS4 so that’s on you to decide :confused:


Not on PS4, but on PC everyone seems to have a mic. As you get to higher ranks the % of people using mics will go up as well. I also recommend getting friends to play with you. I spent 5 hours yesterday in a 5 man party and it was awesome.


from what iv played ( roughly 20 hours) if u have a mic ppl will tend to hop on the mic as well. even then with decent knowledge most teams will listen to you still.

but its true pubs always runs the risk of bad allies but you can always play monster :slight_smile: that alone is worth it to me


Don’t touch it until matchmaking is fixed. Its dreadful on Ps4.


^ depends on area. iv had zero issues finding matches


I find plenty of matches. Trouble is they’re always in progress, so I don’t get a choice of who I play as. I have only been able to pick three times, the rest of my games I’ve had to take over a Maggie or Hank bot, it’s rubbish.


do you keep playing after that? usually get to choose at that point. i do join matches in progress too. but after that im either the monster or my role of choice.


a multiplayer only game is completely sustainable. i dont understand why people think all the single player fantatics would help multiplayer community if evolve had a single player mode.

by being multiplayer only it creates a community around that exact aspect and only that.



Just stay in the match and you have an increased chance of getting your role.


No. I get my role, but I never get to pick my hunter. I want to play Cabot, not Hank bot every game ffs


Yea, we’re saying stay for the match and then you get your character after the round.


Not role, I never get to pick my actual character. Support is my prioritized role, trapper second. I get my role but get thrown in as Maggie or Hank bot every single time. I want to play Cabot or Griffin for once.


For real? I’ve been going mad this entire time, it’s frustrating as hell


Yea. Finish that match. When the next one is starting, you’re allowed to pick your character.


Well think about it this way, left 4 dead is a multiplayer focused game and its been a HUGE hit, I believe its still selling at GameStop preowned at like 20 dollars (right?) While Evolve is a totally different monster of its own, its essentially the same kind of deal with the focus on multiplayer. My one problem with the game however is that the dialogue between characters in solo play is repetitive. There’s not much depth, or development of the hunters, and unfortunately no real story line to follow. But its redeeming quality to me is that it has made the multiplayer experience enjoyable and of you listen to some of the tutorial videos for evacuation mode for example, you’ll notice the narrator states that there are over 800,000 (correct me if I’m wrong) possible combinations to making the match outcome different. I’m enjoying this game a lot and yes there are bugs being worked out and monsters in progress but the game is worth the money.


i still play l4d. ive played the series for over 600 hours (and i dont do versus) so ya there will be plenty of people who get what this game is going for and continue to support it.


I’m on ps4 and there are a ton of people. Matchmaking is smooth without many bugs at all


Don’t buy this game until they fix multiplayer. Just because it works for some, doesn’t mean it works.


The multiplayer works perfectly on the ps4. Its the other platforms with trouble. Ive been playing for hours with no problem at all