I want to enjoy playing monster again


When I first started, I loved playing the monster. Even losses felt epic, a constant fight between two evenly matched factions, with juking and chasing, a series of fights throughout the match. But now, the style has changed to one I really don’t like anymore. Win or lose, it’s just not as fun as it used to be, and I figured I could share and encourage others to share why they struggle with enjoying monster. I’m not going to focus on specific hunters, though some of them contribute to the overall dissipation of enjoyment.

To try and keep this constructive, if you’re a monster, try to at least post things that you either enjoy or don’t enjoy about playing monster so we can get TRS some actual good feedback they can make changes on rather than just rants :-).

Things I enjoy when playing monster:
Multiple Fights over the course of the match
Landing skillshots on hunters
Escaping a rough situation by storing full traversals
Juking hunters
Stopping revives while they thought I wasn’t paying attention
Luring hunters into a monster-favored area to fight

Things I don’t enjoy while playing monster:
Being unable to get away from a team using all traversals, ground gaining monster abilities, and climbing
“Eat and run” being the primary playstyle
Being unable to juke a team due to constant tracking in one form or another
Being permanently slowed or rooted while attempting to escape
Having the dome held all of stage 1 so I’m forced to take damage upon evolving
Carrion birds within the first few meats I eat in a match
Falling through the world
Getting caught on terrain while traversing
Revives or rezes that occur while meleeing/using abilities on the body

Thank you TRS for working to improve your game. I really do want to play it again as a giant monster, it’s just not as fun right now, though I do have hope :-D.


The only reason i do not have fun is when i am facing a hank, caira composition, they need to nerf those two and give cabbot, and bucket buffs, while also giving val and laz buffs to actually make them somewhat viable. I hate losing bc the monster was just really good and a cabot, bucket comp can not handle that. I also hate losing to a caira/hank combo bc of how much shielding and healing is going on.


Excellent list. I agree with all of them (though I have not actually fallen through the world personally). I add the following:

Things I enjoy when playing monster:
Making hunters fly through the air with heavy attacks/abilities

Things I don’t enjoy while playing monster:
Abilities which hit but don’t do damage
Not knowing whether I will be monster every game / every second game / never in the current lobby
Getting shot off wildlfie / relay from so far away that I can’t even hear the gunshots
Wildlife in an area not spawning / spawning exclusively near 4meats that can protect them


I don’t think the Dome thing is a legitimate complaint. Why not just shield up, spend points properly and attack at Stage 1? I’ve taken down premade Hank, Caira and Torvald combos with a 3WB Wraith at Stage 1. You certainly can do enough damage to make them get scared and treat it like a normal combat. Then run, run, run, run and Evolve. Monsters need to adapt to newfound strategies.

The rest though, I agree with.

  • Check post history
  • Plays on console

Every time.


Well, I can’t judge the latest patch that isn’t out on consoles yet, so maybe there’s something in there that makes me rethink what I just said about the dome strategy. But people have complained about the dome holding before the latest patch, so there’s that too.


Dome holding is a thing on PC more so than consoles.

However he doesn’t realize that hunters on console have that weird auto aim, which is definitely as frustrating as running for an entire match.


Well, I’ve played against a few teams who did it, and I did not manage to beat them, however, I was also going with my usual 2FB 1LS build and kinda messed up by not adjusting. Again, I’m not saying I can judge the current build of the game, but the previous build, I played against that too and I would certainly credit my inability to adjust properly. Do I think monsters are overnerfed? Yep, Do I think Dome holding in itself is unbeatable? Nope, not at all.

And like you said, console has the insane auto-aim making most hunter teams perfect shooters.


Things I hate:

My Goliath fucking turning around and melee attacking BEHIND me when there is a.nearly dead hunter right in front of me I am trying to focus down. Or, trying to snap harpoons, and my Goliath swipes the wrong way, leaving me chained an extra second or two. Anger intensifies in Torvald rains mortars on me for those extra seconds.

Leaps to get closer to a hunter turning into 90 foot blasts through the air.

What I love:

Everything else.


The newest patch adds a knockvack nerf. Neuters the monster.

And you will never- ever- kill a good team at Stage 1. If you’ve done it, the hunters were plebs. That’s a fact. They’ll outheal you with ease and do insane DPS.


Well, that at least has been fixed, we’re just waiting for that change to be released.


Don’t give up hope.

Things we know are coming to help balance up the monsters more.

  • A better stamina mechanic or some mumbo jombo like that.
  • Chris has talked about in the past that they’re figuring out a way to make it so that monsters have a more forgiving time pulling back from engagements. Because with the current meta any team that’s worked together before once they find a monster the monster will never have enough breathing room once they do. This issue was exaggerated by the jetpack buff the hunters got.

In the telemetry thread Brandon is current talking about the ways the team are considering to fix and buff the monster CC abilities that got broken on all monsters after the jetpack buff.

Things will get fair and more enjoyable for us monsters but it will be a while.


Pretty much that there isn’t a lot of back and forth between who feels hunted. Monster is way too weak in Stage 1 and has very little chance of even evolving without major damage. If you can get to Stage 3 there isn’t a lot of time left so you won’t really be hunting either, more like desperately trying to find the depleted wildlife and trying not to lose from the timer.


Nah, I meant, force them to take you seriously at Stage 1 and use that. Once your shield starts getting depleted, try to force them to dome and then put full traversals into your escape. Of course you can’t beat a pro team at Stage 1, I didn’t mean to say otherwise.


Anyone else have problems with Goliaths melee being in slow motion, or looks like he’s praying to Jesus for like 5 seconds before it actualy lands? Almost every game for me -.- Internet’s great and open Nat. And only does it at


This only happens when I have latency, playing with friends from the north. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s probably the case, just wish I could get it into better matches then. In Astoria Oregon.


Viable and a game changing if they are used solo is a bit different, You can win games with a good hank or caira, does that itself not say how powerful they truly are?


Playing monster was awesome before Sunny jetpack boosting.

I don’t know what happened in the developers head when they created her. She is a all-in-one character, which destroy entirely the first idea of the game : The teamwork


Lot of this in games today, developers start trying to appeal to the individualist CoD mentality, ‘I should be able to win all engagements, by myself, and have a counter for anything the other team might do without having to even work with my team.’

Very specialised classes are the best, I think. Was the idea behind the classes coming from Battlefield? I can’t help but think of that game since there is a very similar class system. It too was better when the classes were pretty much locked into their roles. Not an engineer? Then you shouldn’t be able to do massive damage to vehicles.

Same thing here, Support should be focused on limiting damage or increasing it, not both as well as dealing as much damage as Assault.