I want to call my future child Norman


So my Second Name is “Bates” And i want to call my future child Norman (If it’s a boy) Because of psycho it would be funny xD But my gf is all like no xD

Actually didnt Norman kill his dad? Nvm then xD


dun do et l >_>
Call him master ^.-


Haha i would but it took till year 10 of school for my classmates to realise and i had to tell them, It’s funnier if noone realises


But if he gets rich he can haz butler…
“Will that be all master… Bates -.-”
Bates: Hmmm no dear butlah that’ll be all


I always like thinking back to the olden days where everyone was referred to as “Master” this or master that, and the bates family…so much laughs ^.-


Speaking in a proper English accent: ah yes the are no finer establishments East of Wessex that compare to master… Bates… Estate…


I’ve said it somewhere before… My aunt is named sarah, and she named her most “recent” child “Conner John”
…You know.
A terminator reference.



I never watched that movie.


Name him Gill :wink:

( Bates, Gates, Bill, Gill, get it now ? )


…I see what you did there. ಠ_ಠ


Ain’t too hard to notice.


I just realized you called me your pervert a while ago.


Did i ? Really oO ?


No you were about to say “perverted desires” or something along those lines but cut yourself off.


I was calling myself a pervert, not him.


I know. <bbbbbbb


And its not perverted desires, it was perverted only >_<


I just realized something else.


Yep, that looks like us.


Yeah he murdered his father. Than disposed of a hotel managers body. Then killed a lady. Then killed his girlfriends father. So… yeag