I want to buy it


if its a monster ill buy it, if its a hunter ill buy it, if its a black skin for monster i’d buy it (for a dollar :smirk:) , now wheres my dlc!!! :scream:


Whhhhat are you talking about? o_O


i just want to buy it, whats wrong with that?


What??? 10 char


Let the man buy whatever he wants! Lol.


Buy what? I’m lost as to what you are talking about.


He wants it all.


He wants more DLC yo ^.^


How you missed dlc at the end of the my sentence :grimacing: you might need glasses sir


you know it homie :sunglasses: / give me some skin


PSH. I already wear them! I wasn’t sure if you were referring to something specific or not.


Don’t we all


By skins, could u possibly be refering to dlc skins lol jk


the world will never know :smirk: philosophers will ponder for millenniums


Well I can read minds soooo


then what is it ill answer right now!!! right here!!! :triumph: and honestly!!


Dlc all the way :sunglasses:


[quote=“MisterPockets, post:1, topic:57982”]
if its a monster
[/quote]Orion Terrorsaurs, duh!

^^ Orion Terrorsaurs. Totally. No mistaking that.

You’ve known about the Orion Terrorsaurs the whole time! You majestic prophet.


sorry when i wrote it i had the word skin in mind as BOTH dlc and hand slap XD as in give me some skin!! it was a HAPPY accident :grin:


YES moar dinosaurs!!! did u watch the jurassic park trailer!? clever girl :smirk: