I want to buy Evolve but I have a few questions first


Hey guys,

I played the Alpha and the Beta. I really liked the game. However there were a few things I didnt like. The matchmaking was horrific. There was often like 15 minutes between each game, 3 seperate loading screens, not filling games, etc etc.

Just wondering if this was sorted …or is still on average like 2 games an hour. Because Id sooner spend my precious gaming time actually gaming rather than on a loading screen/menu.

Secondly…did they bring in a way so that if Im playing with a friend or 2, we have the option to go monster somehow?

Finally… playing on an unreal gaming pc, 5 months old, 2500 euro, all drivers updated, all games working perfect, more demanding games working perfectly …yet fps issues in Evolve. Did they improve this ?

Thanks :slight_smile:


You have to make a custom so you can play hunters and monsters in the same game,
Match making is better but is getting a patch this week with all the bug fixes so it should be even better.
I’d wait till the patch comes in so you have the more polished version of EvolVe :slight_smile:


I don’t have trouble finding a game and if I do go to main menu then go back it will reconnect to servers I know when it mucks up but I can’t explain and theirs custom games now you still rank up and everything but leader boards don’t count


1: from the perspective of a console peasant on xbox 1 the MM seems fine on par with any other decent MM game with main hiccup being when you join a match it seems more likely to put you in a less preferred role

2: unfortunately no if you go into MM with a party of less than 5 none of you can play the monster but you can if you play with bots tho not really the same =/

3: cant help ya with that 1 sorry


Don’t have problems finding a game. But the issue with crazy long load times and a million different load screens before you can even get into the game is still there. I’ve never seen a game with this many different screens to finally play the game.


I haven’t expienced that yet


MM still can have long wait times, but not as consistently as The MCC, for example.

However, do not buy it until it’s been patched. There is a nasty, common glitch that wipes out all your progress with no way of getting it back. That means all your unlocks, characters, perks…all gone. Watch this forum and wait for this patch before you even consider a purchase.


MM is still the worst you can imagine. It will get fixed with ranked MM eventually. Not yet though.

  • You will get thrown into games in progress
  • you can not chose
  • monster/hunter side lobbys persist, so they start even with bots
  • Player leave almost any match (not counting as loss)

Loading screens where not fixed either. You have to watch your XP bar for 2 minutes but the chosen characters are there only 5 seconds. Still 3 Loading screens, resulting in nearly 5 minutes of wait (thats basically more than 25% of a game)

Yeah… i am waiting for a patch.


Wait for teir 4 to come out


If matchmaking was a dealbreaker for you, it still is now. You will still hate it and think you wasted your money.

Quick edit: I actually like the game but based on what you asked I would not recommend you get it.