I want more skins


I love the monster skins, I rotate them often according to the map or my mood.
Some maps just call for the Bog skin, while in others I feel you blend better with the environments, especially in the night maps. For that I like the Wendigo or sometimes the Carnivore skin.

Well, this post is to say that I’d love to have more monster skins (and hunter too). I like variety and I’d buy them if they released more. Or if they made it that one can earn more, that would work too, but I’m not against paying for them, they really make me enjoy my games more.

So please, release more skins, especially for the monsters!


I’m not against buying them but they are pretty crazy as far as prices. Though they do look fantastic, especially the bog set. Ideally I’d like to see more skins added in-game that could be unlocked with challenges, progression or even achievements.


Yeah, they’re a bit expensive. But as I’ve said before in these forums, I think of them as some sort of donation towards more stuff being developed. I know it sounds like a rip off to some people, but that’s the way games (and most everything) work nowadays, they are meant to be a way to make money.


I’ll wait for the inevitable price drop before I get a bunch of skins, however the hunter skins aren’t worth it even at a discount. They should be full-body skins to warrant the costs. All of that aside, I do want more of them. Keep pushing them out, just make sure they’re good. Monster skins are the most appealing though.


Tbh, I got all monster skins on day one, but not a single hunter one. They’re okish, but as you say, don’t change much. Added to how expensive they are, I didn’t feel the need to get them. We’ll see what’s in store for future skins.

For the monster I’d like to see more skins in the line of both the Savage Goliath and the Bog Monster, with contrasting areas of color that redefine the models and add a new visual dimension. The Bog Monster skin is really really good, I love it on the Kraken.


Monster skins are great! Some of the hunter skins look okay. I would for sure love more skins I would pick up a few more if they looked good.


I prefer to be cheap and just wrap myself in the skins of my enemies as the Goliath. (take that you trap jaws)


Wendigo looks really boss on my monsters. Regret nothing.

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