I want last played list or someway to add to friends in game (PC)


Today I was in a game where I got to play the monster (hells yeas!) many times in a row against 4 of the coolest guys. I had a ton of fun and when they needed to leave I thought maybe I’d add them to my friends list so I could have another go against them someday. Much to my dismay, I found out that this game doesn’t keep track of who I played with last and for the life of me I couldn’t remember but 1 guys name. There were dozens of people with the same nick, of course. What I would like to see is an option to add someone to my friends list within the game or at least that the game kept track with whom I have played with.

I sincerely hope you consider this,


edited that this was for PC. I’m sure consoles have something like this already.


One of the devs will come and say something like this - “What? Who? Where? Formulate your question”. But seriously this feature is lacking and I suspect it was left out to be implemented until after release deliberately due to “budget constraints”.

With any luck they’ll add Steam functionality with Steam recent player lists. The capability is there.

Yes. I think so too. It’s just sad that it isn’t there now. I have made but two friends in the last two weeks. In L4D I had so many more.

When I encounter a good group of people and we can play 5 or so matches (Skirmish) without leaving and everyone having fun, I’ll take a screenshot of the lobby so I know who was there and can add them if I want.

I would give this feature a thumbs up.

Yeah I usually do the same with a screenshot of the lobby as Crunchy :smile:

Yes - this needs to be added. It was an important part of L4D and Counter-Strike over the years.

Omg. Screenshot. Now I just feel stupid :’(

But finding them via a search on Steam Community is still a bitch.


No, you don’t. I do.

and then there was a dev on a livestream “just press shift+tab and add them on steam”. some of them dont know what they are actually selling. thats sad.

It could be done through steam - but doing it through the game itself would be far more effective, as it could incorporate more information than just mere names. If you have a few games (Evacuation?) then want to remember who the awesome trapper was from when you beat that wraith ??? rounds ago, you’ll need more context than just a listing of who you played with!

As much as I hate to reference League of Legends, that game has a moderately robust past-match history in your profile that could serve as a reference.

A rough list of information that would be relevant for past games in Evolve:

  • List of players/characters at game END (Including who you played as)
  • Game Type & Map & Map Effects
  • Game Result & Duration
  • Date/Time the game occurred

I would imagine all this information could be condensed into a relatively short row, and have a few of these listed under your profile page. Here’s a VERY quick/rough mockup of what it could look like:

Just imagine a scrolling list of these rows under a menu in your profile, keeping track of the past X games.

EDIT: Maybe add in the date/time that the game occurred too; not going to add it to the mockup, but you get the idea.


You must “hunt” down the people you want to add to your friend list. It’s all part of the game.


That would be great!

Still no official word on this feature?
In a little over a week`s time this game will have been out for 2 months.

I am kinda shocked to see new hunters, monsters and maps come out before this fundamental functionality.

Awesome suggestion by Wrecker. That would be ideal, but adding a friend through steam`s previous game menu would be sufficient.

Quite the Laz there. ^.^

That gauntlet must be burned out after that one. :laughing:

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I hope the list is added too.

Hehe, good one lol.
Just looking at how few posts there are about this issue, I felt it could not hurt anything. The horse was never down, so no need to resurrect it.
That bump of mine was directed strictly to the devs.

This feature is required in this game.

No worries, I was just teasing you. ^.^

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