I want assassin wraith back! :/


i dont know what you think about the wraith now, but i missed the original wraith from beginning… i’ve ever played wraith, she was amazing!
but now she is to slow. movement speed, warp speed and warp range, reg. times and the good old attack speed is lost … i understand that they patch wraith at beginning, but now with the all new hunters … i think when you play wraith - the original assassin wraith - its a fair battle now to fight vs the hunters. but now you havn’t a big chance to win vs a good hunter team and when the hunter team can coordinate they attacks, when they talk about maybe TS3 or party with headsets, wraith players have no chance to win with this slow, weak monster…

im not the only one who want the original assasin wraith back or? what do you think? i think its fair now!
who missed she to?


assassin wraith is toxic as are all other stealth characters


Interesting statement. I am generally in-line but it is funny for me, that only Wraith got so much nerf - all
that “other stealth characters” are doing quite fine. Spamming spore clouds, disappearing and rezzing, etc…


spore clouds cloak ect are getting changed next update


In fact, I have impression that whenever a monster with strong ability appears it MUST end up nerfed.
While hunters with killer abilities are always ok, they just require “new monster strategies” :neutral_face:


what i mean, was the gameplay, it was amazingto play her, i had so much fun, but now your movement speed is to much to slow, and other monsters you can jump, fly and after 3 times you’re far from hunters… wraith you use 3x warp, look back and the hunters behind you now, warp has now no range and the speed is slow too… and the reg time is horrible…


I think it’s mainly player satisfaction, what would you prefer? 1 Monster player happy or 4 hunters?

I know they want the best, but as both a hunter and a monster, stealth wraith was straight stupid boring to play. Now with them eliminating FT3, you won’t see a stealth monster anymore.


I wouldn’t put it that way but yes… I agree.

The thing about release Wraith and topics where people want her back is that the only PoV they apply is their own.

But what’s easy to forget is that for the HUNTERS, the old sneaky glass cannon Wraith was NOT FUN. At all.
There’s always going to be a few Wraith players who will object and claim “No I didn’t mind fighting her” but they are definitely the minority here.

The old Wraith was anti-fun and simply impossible to deal with for new players. Not to mention that TRS is pushing the game towards a state where FT3 becomes less common and it’s a state where a super fast Wraith who can zig zag left and right even while invisible has no place.

Next patch will make it so that Wraith no longer turns invisible while Decoy is active, but she can use abilities without ending Decoy prematurely. I love it. And I’m 99% sure that Hunter players who are new to Evolve will agree with me on that.

If you prefer a pubstomping “assassin” Wraith over the brawler type she’s turning into then that’s of course your opinion that you’re entitled to, but it’s an opinion shared by only a few players, mostly those who’ve been playing Wraith since the start, and it’s certainly not an opinion TRS seems to agree with.


to strong to confront new players whit her? maybe can TRS a hardcore mode whit her old stats, i mean, when then a player joined, than he must now that he can play vs a wraith. but we all was new player and we have learnedto life with it at beginning, we all have played vs a wraith and it was okay, every time release a new monster and its “perfect”… than come hunters that use wrong strategies to beat them, and hates than. the answer is that the monster becomes a patch to ’ make it fair ’ :confused: its okay but evolve needs monster player too, and the monster player are decrease after time when they main got to weak or its no fun to play it… its every time so,… to release, all loved the game as it was, and it was perfect…

and that what i want is …

Movement speed back, warp speed and range back, warp reg time back, and only the meele attack speed, not the abilities, only the speeds


Both of those characters are not only getting big changes, but have been changed before for the exact same reason: they are unfun to play against.


Dont make the mistake of thinking people hated the old wraith because it was OP. They hated it because it was extremely unfun to play against a wraith that just ran nonstop, in and out of the dome. It made the game a boring slog that ended with an anticlimactic fight.

There are still wraith players to this day who can and will drag games out to almost 40 minutes with decoy spam.


On balance standpoint wraith shouldn’t get movement speed buff back

I am sure all wraith players would love to see the assassin wraith back

I’d like to see her movement increased by 25% only when supernova is active …

to compensate : they can reduce her supernova dmg/second


“Big changes” is very relative expression.“Big change” for me is something that changes or removes certain strategy or behavior of given character/monster. In case of wraith it worked this way. In case of Slim or Laz ? I cannot see that kind of difference.


30s decay time for bodies instead of 45 was a big change meant to prevent ring around the body for 2 minutes.

Spore clouds on release had a giant radius, long duration, and 0 reveal. People literally couldnt see while playing monster.

Is that as big as literally being able to cover 100m before the dome dropped? Guess not, but that was ridiculous to begin with.


Another one of these threads, although I agree with @trapjaw_breeder that throughout the year, Monsters would get nerfed if the Hunters complained, but would have to ‘adapt’ to strong Hunters or strong Hunter compositions.


I see no reason to not give wraith her speed and health back when they’re eliminating FT3, dome now drops instantly, and decoy no longer makes you invisible.


Welcome to the extremely unfair Hunter bias that exists in Evolve. Enjoy your stay when everything that is wrong in the game is essentially always a Monsters fault and definitely not the Hunters. We see Monsters nerfed and changed so many times they’re practically a completely different Monster but Hunters? Psssh.

You think Hunters will ever get the same ridiculous treatment Wraith got? Even if they’re infinitely more toxic than she ever was no, the game is so far in Hunter bias. I’m forced to naturally agree with @trapjaw_breeder in saying

And vehemently disagree with those who share opinions similar to @DrFaker.

To me, it’s a simple fact of that matter that Wraith players were completely screwed over and that’s just a fact. She had a playstyle, she was incredibly unique as were all Monsters but to me it’s just become more and more of a massive disappointment to see it.

Wraith was changed from what she was, a stealthy assassin relying on hit and run tactics. Guess what? Hunters complained and got what they wanted. Not what was fair. But as Trapjaw said, Hunters have incredibly powerful and toxic abilities but do you see any of those ever being changed to make Monster’s lives easier? No you don’t.

It somehow always comes down to it being the Monster’s fault despite the insane Hunter bias the game has.

Can’t handle people going invisible? Adapt your strategy.
Can’t handle people being revived with no strikes? Adapt your strategy.
Can’t handle spore clouds? Adapt your strategy.
Can’t handle Crow or the armor reducer? Adapt your strategy.
Can’t handle teleportation with a Lazarus? Adapt your strategy.
You’re playing a Monster as she was marketed and meant to be played? That’s too far, we’re going to have to nerf her to be nearly completely different.

Don’t get me wrong, more strategy is what makes the game fun but when you can essentially mix and match four Hunters so you have a team with literally no downsides then how on any planet is that fair?

Hunters have never once been changed. Monsters have. Hunters get an increasing arsenal at their disposal to make the perfect team. Monsters get four set skills. Some Monsters are plain bad again some Hunters, but all Hunters can do something to any Monster.

I agree wholeheartedly. Until some sort of corrections are made to the system I will vehemently attack this argument.

There was no point in changing Wraith to what she is now, she needed fixing that much cannot be denied but when was enough enough? When her movement speed was lowered to make her easier to catch and then subsequently dome deploy time was literally reduced 400% but then there was no movement bonus to help her avoid such domes? No, she was instead given health and armor to make sure she fought instead of run.

Monsters are told that there are a myriad of strategies they can use and employ but guess what? That’s just a facade. There is a right and a wrong way to play Monster and it’s become explicitly clear over the last year. Sneaking has been made obsolete against good teams, entire Monsters have changed, dome mitigation is being eradicated to force more fighting to make it more “fun” for Hunters, a term mind you that is completely subjective to everyone as everyone has their own definition of fun.

Fun to me, would be playing old Wraith, being stealthy, taking them by surprise and hiding in bushes or just in plain sight. This is something I’ve longed for since her nerfs but clearly my fun definition of fun is the wrong one. (sorry @Quirkly going to use you as an example no offence) Those who share an opinion similar to Quickly, if I am correct in my recollection of his opinion, is that pre-nerf Wraith was and is nothing but a toxic being that should never have been made and thus current Wraith is better since she is corralled into fighting more.

Now, mind my word choice, corralled, because that is what has happened here, Monsters are corralled into fighting more and running less, which objectively there is more entertainment to be had when you’re fighting the Monster and not running around for 20 to 40 minutes just looking for the sodding thing. Problem is, every strategy should be viable. Thus by removing the stealthy aspects of Wraith and making her more of a brawler is plainly and simply completely unfair to the Monsters that enjoy her that way.

Now, (slightly off-topic but bare with me here as it will become relevant) I am absolutely ecstatic that the Kraken is considered OP now-a-days because if you take a step back to look at the big picture, Monster standardization took over and corralled Monsters into fighting more and fleeing less, when this happens players tend to gravitate towards the Monster with the most chance to win, that now being Kraken. Since a lot of Monsters play very similarly now this is what has happened and all previous hate that was on Wraith is now on Kraken!

People couldn’t stand a Monster that could catch them off guard and so demanded it be nerfed, when she was made into the monstrosity she is today they moved to Kraken who is a ranged attacker but because of that he can mitigate a lot of damage. Hunters cried for a Wraith nerf and after they got their unfair wishes they immediately aimed it at Kraken.

This shows just how absurd it is, when Hunters declare something to be “unfun” then they demand a change be put into place to mend the “problem”. Hunters consider running/not fighting to be “unfun” hence that is being essentially removed, Hunters consider not being able to damage their target fast enough to be “unfun” hence Monsters have been made to fight more; notice how a lot of the changes made to Evolve are at the Monster’s expense.

We are somehow to blame for our own changes meanwhile Hunters are the ones demanding it; Wraith was the amazing stealth assassin that those who like that playstyle loved but because we played her correctly, Hunters couldn’t handle it and demanded an unfair change that got implemented.
Hunters are consistently given changes that just makes it more “fun” and manageable for the lower tier Hunters but where exactly are the changes to make Monster play more “fun”? This has been argued for Months now ever since @Plaff made the giant thread about how much better Wraith felt as a Monster back before her nerfs, hell it was even discussion prior to that but he really brought the argument to life.

I wholeheartedly believe there is a way that we can bring back the assassin Wraith and I believe even more that prenerf Wraith is in better standing than current patch Wraith, a lot of our community loved the stealthiness of Wraith and it’s clearly evident with each new thread. The final nail in the coffin is the decoy change, the change that will finally set in stone that she is not even remotely close to the thing she once was and unless she is either reverted or we get an adaptation to quell our outcry for our beloved prenerf Wraith then I truly believe with all certainty that Monsters are always going to get unfair changes for things that Hunters dictate as “fun” or “unfun”.

##Please read the full thing if you want all my points.

##TL;DR Monsters are typically blamed for all of our own changes that we have gotten (primarily Wraith) and are constantly told to adapt our strategy and get better despite the unfairness we face. A constantly growing arsenal of extremely powerful abilities are given to Hunters and can effectively negate all cons they may have. Strategies are made increasingly obsolete for Monsters to create a “right and wrong” way of playing. Monsters are changed around Hunter’s demands to make things “fun” but any request to bring changes to make things more “fun” for Monsters no matter how legitimate or illegitimate is met with silence or changes that simply do not do that much, allowing the argument to be made for unfairness between the two factions.

These are my views, agree or disagree with them as you see fit, after all they’re all opinions and I’d love to see some debate here.


I wouldn’t. You make strong points regarding the terrible shit Monster players have to deal with nowadays that doesn’t get toned down a notch other than tiny nerfs as opposed to complete Monster overhauls when Hunters complain, but this is like already the 5th thread on these forums about the “assassin Wraith” matter and it’s clear that TRS is not willing to budge and move Wraith back to her former hit&run state.
It was deemed far too disorienting to new players, even excluding the fact that doming any Monster is now 10 times easier.

I agree with them on that decision while you do not but like you said, it’s all opinions.

Now don’t get me wrong, I would welcome a more mobile Wraith, especially during some of her abilities, but only when TRS is absolutely sure they can get rid of FT3. Because it’s easy to approach this issue the wrong way and accidentally make Wraith the humongously toxic beast to new players that she was at launch.


Couldn’t have said it better myself.


While I agree that monsters are kinda at the mercy of hunters, theres a point where changes are well deserved, and Wraith meets that point to the letter.
Theres no gitting gud when it comes to something thats just plain unfun.
But thats my 2 pennies.