I want a monster that trolls hunters

I want a monster that can:

  • Heal itself
  • Give itself a speed boost
  • Can slow down hunters with a melee attack
  • Go invisible
  • create weak points with melee attacks
  • Make the hunters go blind
  • Boost its own dps
  • set down a drone that recovers its armor
  • detach its head to trigger birds on the other side of the map
  • Poop eggs that instant hatch and dps enemies
  • set down a trap that stops hunters mid jetpack boost and they need to turn around and shoot
  • have a pet trap jaw that will zone in on that invisible support
  • set down spikes to reveal hunters even if they walk
  • throw down a dome that will traps the running hunters
  • throw a grenade to slow down hunters
  • tell wildlife to fly and spot the hunters
  • charge up a melee attack that inflicts 5% of a strike regardless of dead or not
  • use an electrical attack that doesn’t miss
  • set down mines that will destroy your health away if you hit all 5
  • throw a grenade that harms hunters
  • use an ability that consumes armor and makes me super
  • use mortars that melt their healths away

In essence, I want a monster that teaches hunters what a day in the life of a monster is like :slight_smile:

EDIT: I dont think this monster would necessarily be OP…


Yass please. Every time they tell me “You coward, you just ran all game and only fought when you had full armor at stage two, you pussy monster! Monsters OP, man.”

Like, REALLY HUNTER PLAYERS? En serio chicos?


You speak Spanish as well now ^.^ I applaud youre incredible language learning aptitude

Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue: Nah, I didn’t have much to do in my down time and I loved to learn so I learned a bunch of languages. Not…Very well, mind yu.

Umm yet here you are speaking English better than most Americans?
######im not worthy haha
I’m trying to learn German on my own. I love trying to learn other languages ^.^

I’m still working on my English. >.> I learned a new word today- “Cordial.” I like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now back on topic.

Cant remember the last time i heard the word “Cordial” colloquialisms ftw.

On topic we so need this monster but can we have the skills all go off a single button press? May be hard finding the correct one otherwise.


Hmm, sounds like a Mammoth Bird to me. Maybe give it the ability to jetpack to unreachable locations, to make it unique.

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lmao! i wish i could give you more than a single like for that!

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Keep dreaming, this is huntervolve

What if at stage 3, it can trap all of the Hunters in a glass box next to the relay and all they can do is watch the Monster destroy it :stuck_out_tongue:



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This would actually be a pretty fun game mode xD

Depends would they get seats and popcorn?

HELL NO! it gets a lotion to put on its skin or else it gets the hose again!!

Everytime I hear Torvald say “It readies itself” I immediately follow it up with “It rubs the lotion on it’s skin”

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