I wanna build a PC that will run Evolve help :)


Hey i was wondering how much i would have to cough up to get a computer capable of running evolve can anyone help me? And i wanna build the pc myself heard you save money that way. My budget is 600$-700$ Ty.


Ok, so what parts have you got at the moment? Because if you already have a screen and keyboard and mouse, that will save you a bit


$600-700 sounds very doable. Are you in the US?


You could do it for that price, but expect to run it on very low settings.


i would recommend making a thread in http://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc they probably no more about PC building then anyone here.

If you already have a display and peripherals, i would expect you to be able to play at or close to the max settings at 1080p.


Ouch… :frowning:
(Do they also know how to spell better than anyone here? ;))

Good point, having those things already really will make a huge difference. Looking around if you can manage something with a GTX 760 and a newer i5 you’ll definitely be good to go, but getting it under $700 without skimping on a decent case/motherboard/powersupply might be kind of tough.
If you happen to live near one, I’ve heard that Microcenter has awesome deals on computer parts all the time.



That gives you a starting point. Check it out.


Do you already have a win 7 license? If not add around $70 and all u need to do i pick your parts an wait for deals on newegg.


When I get home I’ll give you a build that should be able to put your money to good use.


From my previous post, here is a decent build that should get you started with PC Gaming. Obviously, it won’t play everything at maximum, but it should pull out a low - medium setting fairly well. For something like Evolve which is running on the same thing as Crysis 3, it’s going to tear into computers.
I’d post my list somewhere else though, such as /r/buildapc to make sure you’re getting your moneys worth. These are decent parts, but you may be able to find better for cheaper on deals. Ask around a little bit.

  • $55 Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-78LMT - Fairly good, and also really cheap. You could potentially look for better alternatives, but this seems nice, if not old.
  • $110 CPU - AMD FX6300 - Upgrade to an FX8350 if you can find the money somewhere.
  • $58 Storage - 1TB WD Blue - Probably the best thing you could buy. Hilarious enough, the last one I bought was DOA, so be aware of that when buying parts, you may have to return them. Try buying all at once so you don’t run into an issue where the return date is up.
  • $255 or $280 GPU - GTX 760 SC or R9 280X - Pick your poison here, Nvidia or AMD.
  • $60 Case - Rosewill Challenger-U3 - Decent ATX case, should be plenty of room. Honestly, as long as you’re getting an ATX case this is your personal preference.
  • $60 PSU - EVGA 600W
  • $50 Memory - G.Skill Ripjaws 4GB

Total (No GPU)- $393
Total (AMD GPU) - $673
Total (Nvidia GPU) - $648


This is a really good question. Here are some threads with more opinions on computer options. Personally, I’m going to save until specs are announced, but until then, there are plenty of good tips available.