I understand the need for "probation" from leaving a game


… but why is there one for spectators? I got placed in a game as a spectator. I wanted to actually play. So I left, and had the 60 second timer for my next search. I feel like this should definitely be looked at and fixed.


Well that’s interesting.

I agree that the spectator should have some different priorities than the players, or maybe an option to avoid games where spectator is the only open role.

Is there a “spectator” slot in the preference spectrum now? That would probably help.


Nope, no spectator option at all, interestingly.


@MacMan Any chance of an observer preference slot?

Or @DamJess, whoever’s still awake.


oh great sooo not only do we have to wait to play a game or get paired in half finished games…but now we have a chance at being placed as a spec??? the fuk are they thinking…even more of a chance to waste time…sounds fun… why not just be SMRT about it and ADD a feature instead of random RNG bs that has a chance to place you as a spec… I didn’t log the fk in to be a spec!!! I logged in to play… so backwards their thinking…seriously


yah I paged you cause well something to think about …yet you have never replyed to anyof my threads soo why not maybe you will at least look at it


Calm down man


I think the community complained too much about people “helping their buddies” through spectator mode. I disagree and hope that we can spectate the same way you can in Dota2. Aka you can spectate games in queue or just straight up watch games if you don’t feel like playing. I enjoy watching/casting the game a lot more than playing it. But I can’t always find 5 people who want to play customs. It’d be great if we could do this for ranked or unranked through the matchmaking system.


I wouldn’t mind watching some Evolve matches. Sounds like a strategy buffet.

Plus the game is just as fun to watch as it is to play for me.


I don’t mind watching at all, it’s just being put on probation for leaving a spectator match is uncool, especially when I want to play the new characters lol