I understand now


Just played against the most conservative wraith player ever. Took him at least 15 minutes to hit stage 3 because always stayed at 200 meters away. Never fought until the end. He only downed one player after loosing 90% of his health. He failed miserably. I see what you guys mean about anti fun. What a boring match.


Yeah those people are anti-fun.When i play Wraith i initiate both Stage 1 and Stage 2.Try to give a penalty to someone


…Hehehe. He got what was coming to him. Stupid.


It’s fun as hell when someone plays like you said as wraith


Honestly, I feel all monsters should play this way. Try to engage on top of a Tyrant or something at Stage 1 when you have 2 bars of energy left until stage 2. It makes that first mark the absolute juiciest thing in the world when you get it.


Or at the very least fight at stage 2 with armor. Try to get some strikes, and see what the hunters are about.


Its not just fun.Its the right play.Wraith is the weakest monster in Stage 3.Not exactly weakest.Lowest armor/life.You know what i mean.

If hunters have no penalties and stuff Wraith is gonna have a hard time(Espcially against a decent group of hunters)


When I Wraith I usually have at least Support/Medic at two strikes and trapper at 1 by stage the. Wraith can do some amazing stage 2 engages. I always monitor their health and attack as soon as someone hits half, regardless of my stage. I also love abducting and fighting around dangerous wild life.


he was playin smart I’m not saying wraith is op/broken but it felt anti fun. some of my most fun matches have been against wraith. I just had a weird one where the wraith kept trying to use his supernova to destroy the relay lmao