I thought we unlocked tier 3 automatically?


Title says it all.


Nop.You need to farm em


The digital deluxe said you would… That’s what i heard.


Na only xbox got the unlocks from Beta that’s all i know


Yea I thought as well that tier 3 hunters will be unlocked as pre-order bonus from what I’ve heared on YouTube


You could play with tier 3 automatically ON THE PC BETA if you pre-ordered, that might be where the confusion is. I don’t remember any plans for automatic access on the full game (much as I’d love to skip Val and Lazarus)


Doesn’t the hunting season pass inlock everything?


play 2 solo games


Nop.Hunter season pass is the next 4 characters.In a reduced price.


We have evolve who currs :slight_smile:


Only them XBONE people get instant T3. Grind!

And THAT is an ORDER!


Only xbox live pre purchase offered tier 3 instantly.


What about SOLO mode, do you have to unlock to play characters SOLO?


Don’t trust everything you watch on Youtube. If you ever have questions about a product you can ask the producer/developer. They’ll gladly answer your questions.


That was original recording from their stream…


It only took me like 4 games to unlock t3 (granted I played Hunters Quest)


That fucking sucks. I love Cabot, but I hate Hank. I thought pre-ordering would mean I wouldn’t have to play him. That really sucks.


WHAT! You hate Hank!?!?


I haven’t hated a single character yet, and being a medic player I was sure I would hate Laz and I even have fun playing him. But of all the characters to hate… Hank?! Who doesn’t want to drop an orbital?


I’m not gonna lie Goku… ps4 kids got a bit of the short end of the stick.