I thought they Said this game wasn't Pacific Rim?!?!


So… yeah. Explain THAT @Matthew!


I think they are referring to wraith.


“So… yeah. Explain THAT @Matthew!”



Oh that doesn’t have much relation to Pacific Rim!

Come on, it’s my favourite movie of all time, well next to Kung Pow, but I see no relation here!


It says monsters from another dimension…


No disrespect, but alien monsters from another dimension ain’t exactly a novel idea! It’s in the execution, and Evolve’s built an interesting world around this conceit. Stephen King once wrote about how there were something like 12 original plots, and every story ever told was some combination of those springboard ideas.


Yes the kaiju are from another dimension but i think they would be more scared of the light nimble warping BEAST that can turn you into her literall smoothy to suck on if shes in the mood to evicerate you :wink:


But a Kaiju could step on wraith and kill it. Heck. If you’re worried about it being too fast to step on, just get the kaiju fall over and roll around. I’m sure that’ll kill it eventually.


Did you forget she can slice through bone faster than i finish saying easy peezy lemon squezy? Steping on her would be like stepping on a lego…with razor blades on it…did i mention chuck norris was disguised as the lego 0_0 !!!


In any case Pacific Rim isn’t the apex of originality either, mind you.


Chuck Norris T5 monster confirmed.


To PacRim’s own admission! Love that flick. It’s a celebration of nerd culture! Much like Evolve, come to think of it.


I don’t see any actual Easter Eggs. Every Nerdy game needs easter eggs. This game would be able to have so many of them as well! Cupcakes don’t count.


Na easter eggs and pop culture references are lame. Subtle allusion and blatant theft of ideas is where its at


And that, gentlemen, is how to enter a conversation with swag.


Seriously why didn’t they just have a huge gun or a robot with a giant sword and just park them next to the rift? Spawncamp the kaiju as they come out?



I’ll take your chuck norris and raise you Bruce Lee
bruce lee ftw


you do realize that @MacMan pitched this idea in 2010 right?
Pacific Rim came out 2013…


The skins are worked on by a handful of artists, I think one of them thought Norse terms were a good source of inspiration. “What are the skins named?” was a question we never got good clarity on. :smiley:

Norse/viking refrences

Lol Matthew. I think you posted that on the wrong thread. This one is about the map description claiming that the costal base wasn’t made to protect shear from monsters from another dimension. … Just like Pacific rim.