I thought Roll Spam was fixed for Behemoth?


I’ve been playing a lot of behemoth players who are rolling into a heavy smash over and over now. Granted it isn’t as broken as it was before but is this intended? I don’t play Behemoth so I’m looking for some clarification.


It’s just for combat purposes, but if he botches that encounter with the Hunters then he won’t be going anywhere fast because it still uses 10% of its stamina each time. I believe they introduced a cooldown between rolls also.


Ive noticed it also . Its broken again. If you notice the heavy attack after the roll will instant kill a mammoth bird now , used to take a heavy attack and like 1 or 2 autos before the patch. thats all the proof you neeed


Yep, rollspam is back. Just finished getting stunlocked into incap. It was totally fun. We need a stunlock Trapper to balance this out.


Roll spam is not back, at least roll Heavy attack spam is not back. And with damage increase 10%a heavy attack after the hit on a mammoth bird at stage 1 kills it before the patch and after, (aka it always did) you do not have behemoth roll spam heavy attack anymore because they changed it for ALL monsters that they cannot heavy attack spam, currently the only monster that can Heavy attack spam is wraith because of how quickly her traversals can recharge.

Edit: and you cannot get stun locked anymore because of the hunter change to how tumbles work now. (go read patch notes)


PS4, not PC. We don’t have that feature yet.


dont have what feature?, the no tumble part? Thats probably going to be removed anyway No tumble makes it near impossible for monsters to down hunters now days and its being shown in ESL with hunters rarely getting downed anymore.


Yeah, the .75 second hardcap on stun effects isn’t in play. Which is a change I disagree with, but it’s still kinda balls when the Behemoth roll-clap-roll-clap-roll-claps and you can’t move because you’re too busy flailing around like an idiot. I hadn’t seen it since the last micropatch on consoles so maybe Monster players just stopped using it, but it sure felt like the old rollspam. Some Behemoths had the timing down to the point where it was like they unplugged your controller. Kind of impressive, if obnoxious. Personally, I prefer fissure, barf, pound myself.


Behemoth heavy attack is when he attacks with both arms and that causes instant tumble, behemoth was broken in that because the heavy attack does the damage of 4-5 regular autos and he was able to spam them as fast as he could click. That doesn’t happen anymore because of the Cool down on the roll and the heavy attack reduction. Behemoth is a large monster if he shoves you against a wall its rare to get out of it anyway, before the problem was you couldn’t out heal it. either way if people are losing against behemoth i feel sorry for them you should see comp teams play against behemoth and how much he suffers from the wind up on skills and reduced mobility. its just pathetic, i like him but right now hes just not a real viable pick compared to the more mobile monsters. Maybe on consoles tho because everyone uses auto aim anyway though.


Oh, I agree. He’s a pain to play once the Hunters are on you, but he is pretty fun when you can go all aggro on them.

It was mostly because I was playing in a really disorganized pub team and after the Rambo medic was stealth pounced to death I was roll pounded all the way to the dropship without the ability to use my jetpack at all. No shields or heals to help (thanks Bucket!). Hell, it coulda been a bug for all I know.


Just got roll heavied to death. No jetpack use could help at all, I was constantly knocked backwards.


Can confirm that some type of roll spam is back. My pub team just got stomped by a guy who, when stamina permitting, would roll spam somebody until incapacitated. I have a short clip of my own demise going from half HP to nothing in something like 3 hits in just short of 2 seconds:

@MacMan @MrStrategio Can you tell us if this is intended or expected?


A heavy out of roll only 1 hits a mammoth if you hit it while in roll, then instantly attack. Very hard to do, quite rare when it actually happens.


I was one-hitting mammoth birds all over the place earlier, not very hard to do; however, I do not know if that was how it was before or not.


Just to clarify, on PC this isn’t even kind of possible. Behemoth actually feels kind of clunky now with this animation force.

I’m hoping this knockback change gets reverted or the monster gets some kind of giant buff to compensate because reliable ways of disabling hunters no longer exists and makes hunter much more resilient.


This. THIS makes me salty. Why the hell can’t monsters work properly


Uhh there is that’s called the overpowered stasis that can be spammed over and over again. Combined with Val’s tranq Behemoth moves at like 10 percent speed.


It’s not a stunlock until they can’t use their controllers at all. It’s just an annoying slow. Also, I was being sarcastic and not serious. I play Monster. Last thing we need is a stunlock to up the difficulty.

EDIT: Also, I didn’t think they stacked, but overlapped.


Well, well, well hunter players moaned and bitched long enough about the kraken that it got nerfed beyond useless and now low and behold they’ve now turned their attention to the behemoth…quell surprise .


After the pointless monster nerfs