I thought laz was op


Group healing, napalm,super speed?? To a healing gun and resurrection. May I call shenanigans



noone is OP :wink:



Next time i’ll try to be on time for english ! :frowning:


cira does seem realllly good. shes super bursty healy which is needed in this bursty world


Not to mention the most generic medic they could come up with


she dosent seem generic. Did you watch the pre alpha gameplay footage? those guys looked generic


Look wise generic… skill no. Thats op


what? i dont understand


She looks generic but her skills are op


I’m very tempted to unlist this topic.
No Hunters are ‘OP’, they’re all equal and were carefully designed and created. Some may need a few tweaks down the line post launch, who knows? But none are OP.


How sure are you?


Sure about what? Them not being OP?


Yea… and I cant have any criticism? Ruining the community


I firmly believe none of the Hunters are overpowered.
You can have criticism for sure, it’s just that I’ve seen you complain about this more than once, and that the vast majority of the community heartily disagree with you, with all respect.


I don’t think simply listing the abilities counts as criticism, to be fair. If you want to criticize, go ahead, but what you’ve done is make a list.


Comparing… skills (face palm)


Dont get me wronge I love the game but when I see something wronge I say it.


The skills are comparable, I’d say they seem fairly balanced. She can heal with the grenades, she can heal HERSELF with the grenades, and she does decent damage. Whilst her grenades may be more potent than Val’s healing ray, it relies on timing and aim, which Val’s doesn’t. She can’t create weakpoints on the monster, like Val or Laz, although she can make the group move faster if they’re near her. She can’t tranq the monster (or show its outline) like Val, so no stopping Kraken flying, and she can’t turn invisible like Laz, so she’s more of a target…

I dunno, it’s all apples and oranges of about the same size, to me.