I think you are doing a power creep - My concerns about the balance in the future

I asked this question yesterday but it remained unanswered. Since other answers revealed some more details about the current balance plans, I feel like I need to ask it again. The reason is that I am concerned the game is moving in a wrong direction.

Due to my serious concerns for the future of this game’s balance, I urge you @GentlemanSquirl @Insane_521 @LordDeath to read a more detailed version of yesterday’s question and maybe understand, why I am so concerned about it.

Here is what you currently think:

1. Most Medics are weak

2. Goliath is in a good state

3. There is a problem with unavoidable damage

To me it seems like a paradox that Goliath is in a good state, yet 2 of his abilities and the most commonly run perks on him are too strong. If he was balanced, why would there be a need for nerfs? The answer to me is that Goliath is in fact not balanced but too strong. And it is not just Goliath that has unavoidable damage. There are a lot of abilities of other Monsters that can not be dodged with any amount of jetpack in certain, common situations. Monsters that are not considered balanced, yet still need a tune down in some aspects.

Going off the assumption that Goliath was balanced, of course you can conclude that the Medics which can not keep up with him are too weak.
But does it not seem counter prodcutive to buff up the Medics to be able to compete with a Monster that will have apects of it nerfed? You will just have to buff that Monster again. And not just that Monster, there are a other Monsters that are considered somewhat weak which would need to be able to compete with the new strong medics and would need to be buffed as well. And some Hunters who currently are in a good balance with these Monsters will need more buffs etc
It seems much easier to me to simply declare these “balanced” characters OP and nerf them accordingly.

You may say Wraith is weak, Lennox, Rogue Val and Maggie are weak. But put them against each other, either they are suddenly balanced or one side suddenly seems too strong.
What I am trying to say is, it is all a matter of perspective. And the perspective of competetive players who pick the best characters of their class to compete with the best characters of their enemies is not nessesarily the perspective that leads to balance.
If both sides pick their strongest character, of course any other character is suddenly no longer viable. But does that really mean that only the viable characters are the balanced ones?

Doesn’t it seem odd, that so little characters are actually considered overpowered, and so many unviable?
You could almost form two different metagames: One where anything goes, and one that bans all the “viable” choices of the other one. But honestly, Evolve has not enough characters to have two different metagames.

Here is another aspect, probably the most important one, of what the continous buffing will achieve: The game gets burstier. A Monster will be able to combo down a Hunter even faster, a Hunter at the brink of death will be fully healed even faster, once the Monster fails to apply pressure. In other words: One single mistake will have far more severe consequences and will be punished even more. The game will swing from balanced to one-sided in a matter of seconds.

Is that really what you want?

Of course, this is not supposed to be a unconstructive critizism, which is why I have come up with a small suggestion.
Instead of buffing most Medics and leaving only a few untouched, how about only nerfing a few and doing this to help out all the other medics:

  • Increase all Hunter health and Monster melee damage.

This change is rather simple but what it would accomplish is the following: Ability damage, healing and shielding wouldn’t need to be changed but it would all be weaker percentage wise. That allows for the game to slow down its bursty character.
An ability combo that killed a Hunter previously will only do (for example) 80% damage, but that damage will also take longer to fully recover. This would take off pressure of both the Hunters and the Monster. The Hunters are not immediatly 1 teammate down and the Monster would not have all his work undone because it failed to keep up the pressure for a few seconds. With the simulanously increased melee damage, it will be easier to keep up the pressure while all abilities are on cooldown.

If you kept reading until this point, thank you very much. I hope you will take into consideration to take my concerns into consideration.


There’s a lot to talk about here and I’m not exactly a veteran of this game, but I do have my bit that I’d like to say regarding your statements on character balance.

In particular, I would like to give my two cents on characters being overpowered, rather than balanced. I think that there is a certain standard to which TRS holds these characters, for the sake of balancing outside of the player characters (such as wildlife) and for the pace of the game. There is a line (however smudged) that exists in order to keep the game playing a certain way, and over time it may become apparent that some characters are below or above this line, even if that ends up being most of the cast. TRS wants to pull all characters as close to this line as possible, and it seems like they have a fairly good idea of where this line rests.


you cant buff one character without somehow nerfing another

I like the idea for a post and I certainly approve the fact that someone actually took their time to write a wall of text that actually makes you stick with it and be read (since I’m done considering my posts don’t have really that much punch through power to get through the community).

That said your point is pretty valid, we need a game that does not reliably punish a single mistake.
But increasing the amount of health doesn’t really fix the problem because characters are currently the best ones will still be the best.
But it’s a good first step to slow down and think about what needs to be done to perfect the game in balance aspect.

I could start bragging about what I want further from balancing aspect but you have a valid point and let’s stay with it, once the changes are made, we can continue.

You can though, you just need to… Not nerf the other character…?

Sometimes your statement is true, but no where near all the time.