I think TRS isn t the villain concerning entering a losing match


TRS isn t to blame here, the one, the only, the cowards that gives us this hell, are nothing more but the men without balls to lose and disconnect from the game


Women play Evolve as well. It’s nothing to do with testicular fortitude, just poor sportsmanship.


yeah i know, just wanted to make a point and stuff


What benefit is there to point that out, I mean really? The point is clear behind his statement, yet you feel the need to be explicit about gender?..



what if they actually disconnected?
though I’m sure most are cowards :confused: which is sad to say


OP felt the need to be explicit about gender in order to make a point. I noted that gender has nothing to do with poor sportsmanship.


actual disconnection is to be forgiven


i used a “saying” that everybody i think understand


ok ive been disconnected a few time because behemoth and a few other bugs.


I don’t understand quitting though, as you receive a loss either way. So what’s the point?


you are forgiven


don t ask me ask the people that quits


For an actual benefit save time,
Do they normally think this way ? Doubtful
there reasoning is they do not care about leaderboard and do not want to feel like a loser by actually being there when they lose


It’s just a saying. You know, like all the all the other ones, particularly major ones?

“One small step for man, one great leap for mankind”

“Never before in the history of man…”

“Since the dawn of man…”

C’mon mate…


What about the mindset of the player? Most of them want to be entertained. Go in, play, be an hero at some point, do great things, done. “Evolve” is more than that: To win includes to keep yourself busy with the game (there’s a learning curve). Maybe most of the players don’t have enough motivation to do this.


Please do not bring gender equality/inequality into another thread. Mtn. was making a joke in the second post, please leave it at that.


there were a time where people had brains