I Think there needs to be an automatic way to climb cliffs


Its one of my primary pet peeves playing as a hunter. Its annoying especially in the heat of the moment when your trying to keep an eye on the monster. It would also help my opponents when I repeatedly climb up a massive cliff face and charge them off of it when they foolishly pursue the goliath.

Does anyone agree?

I also feel like the hunters could use a 7%-12% increase in empty jetpack climb speed as its simply too easy to exploit the fast climbing perk as a goliath against hunters who have wasted their fuels trying to keep up


Or… Manage your jetpack a little more!


not really about that, its the fact that I can exploit that as a goliath a little too reliably that i think it needs more internal testing.

either way you slice it, once cliff climbing is engaged it should be a toggle option OR a hold option. That way the Hunters can swivel while climbing without the use of uncomfortable crab holding the controller


Honestly, there’s something wonky with the hitbox detection for climbing cliffs. Way, way too often, you just slide down the thing over and over for no apparent reason.


yeah, now that you mention it.

I agree.

My though it that if there’s an auto-run, why not an auto climb? The ‘feel’ of it isnt consistent with the quality of the rest of the game


There is you hold down the jump button.


your missing the point mate…


Yeah, it’s very inconsistent. I have a recording, on a flat wall, with nothing to obstruct the climbing mechanic that i just dropped down. Not sure why, but it pissed the hell out of me. I tried 2 times, at 3rd i just landed and waited for my jetpack fuel to recharge and it went through fine.


One the most annoying things in the beta.


and alpha

It cost me my life today :frowning: and ultimately the team’s