I Think there are Too Many HUD Elements


When looking at the most recent gameplay of Evolve there is always a glaring issue I have with the current build, the HUD for your character. I feel that there are too many indications on the HUD that baby the player instead of helping them.

The biggest issue I had during the alpha was when I first saw the monster and he had what I assumed to be “weak points” marked all over him. These weak point markers were so prominent I could barely see him!

The second issue I have is the blue lit tracks that appear at the beginning of each game. The whole point of evolve is to track down the monster and destroy it. I want to feel frightened and edgy with each step I make, taking in the thrill of the hunt.

My last, and probably the smallest issue I have, is the small notifications that appear in the middle of the screen. The ones that give you information that is so obvious. For instance, when the trappers’ mobile arena is ready for use a notification appears in the MIDDLE of the screen to tell you it’s ready. It wouldn’t take somebody 1 second to look at their bottom right screen and see that their arena is ready for use.

EDIT: This issue has been resolved thanks to cool people on this forum. However, I still hold true to my first two issues

Now some things about the HUD are very useful, your team’s health bars, the indicator that signals where birds are being disturbed. Stuff like that gives players awareness, but doesn’t baby them while playing the game.

Telemetry and Game Balance
Telemetry and Game Balance
Telemetry and Game Balance


And the HUD is fine to me, some people even say that it’s not enough :slight_smile: all personal preference i guess.


thank you for correcting me on that one. And you’re right, it IS all personal opinion, but it’s something I’d like Turtle Rock to look into. I don’t want the game to be so hardcore it hurts, but I really don’t want to be babied by a game pointing out obvious facts.

If it’s got sharp teeth and looks poisonous, it’s probably poisonous. I don’t need an indication to know that.


In my opinion, there can never be enough info on the HUD.

I’d like an actual ammo counter next to the crosshair and a sound que/flashing of the icon when an ability is off cooldown.


calling this build that we played Alpha is like driving a delorean, its feature complete but still pretty broken and thats called Beta.


But you have to admit you don’t enjoy feeling babied. Useful information is great but when too much clutters the screen at once it gets rather annoying.


I feel babied when the games hints tell me obvious things, seeing weakpoints and footprints is NOT babying, it’s just part of the game. As it is the hud is pretty lean.


I can’t find the quote, but one of the dev’s mentioned that this works similar to in Left 4 Dead… Once you have shown your skill at a certain task, that reminder will no longer flash up on screen. I’m sure there’ll be an option to toggle the tutorials off in the full release, but once you’ve actually reached the point you don’t need to read them, it’ll stop showing them… If they’re still coming up, you need to do what it says :smile:

I found the HUD fine as is, too, and I’d rather have the weakpoints and tracks noted clearly than be so minimal I could miss them. I have a friend who hates the spitter’s spit in L4D2, saying that it’s too bright and it should be a dark translucent colour. Sure that’d look more ‘realistic’, but you’d get annoyed at missing it all the time in game. Readability trumps in a game like this.

I don’t think it ‘babies’ the player, and there’ll be plenty of challenge from playing a good team of hunters against a good monster, but this way you’re not fighting against the UI to figure out what’s happening.


The in-game tips such as ‘monster scared birds!’ dissapear as you play more.


did the tip for “you scared the birds” dissapeared also after certain numbers of games when playing monster?
I could have sweared i head the sound of birds fleeing but no message after lots of games as mosnter.


That…actually sounds alright. Both you and one of the other posters mentioned this. So as you play more, hints keep disappearing until you can play on your own without any help?


That’s the idea. The more you play it, the less of those tips should appear ingame.


well, don’t I feel dumb for being annoyed at nothing. .-.


well don’t I feel dumb for being annoyed at nothing. I’ll make the necessary edits to my post. However, I’m still standing by my two other issues unless they are notifications that disappear overtime as well.


No worries, in fact, I bet most people didn’t even realize that they do disappear after a while of playing. :slight_smile:


They’re not, but as I said above, they are there for readability. The tracks won’t vanish, because they’re supposed to be noticeable. It’s not a game where you’re supposed to get down and look directly at the ground to try and spot footprints. Instead, they rapidly tell you which direction the monster went in. Whether you can TRUST those prints or not comes down to player judgement; are they false tracks purposefully laid down to trick the hunters? Is it a trap to lure the hunters into a dangerous area?

As for the weak points, I don’t really see the problem. You can see the weak points clearly so you can aim for them, and they flash when hit so you know you’re hitting them. Making them less visible doesn’t achieve anything.


You’re right, it’s not the type of game where you get down and look directly at the footprints. To me it’s a game where you have to track down the monster with almost nothing to work on. The footprints, while helpful, give away the monster’s position fairly fast. This gets rid of the whole “wild hunt” element that evolve wants to bring to the table. I’d like them to at least run a test to see if removing the tracks would make the game more fun.

The weak points, to me, get in the way of the monster. All that visually stunning artwork put into the creature would go down the drain if it was covered head-to-toe in weak point notifications. Plus the weak points dont matter that much when most players just spray-n-pray all over just like they did the Tank on L4D.


Without the footsteps nobody would find the monster haha :slight_smile:


I’d be VERY surprised if this hasn’t already been done. I’m sure @MacMan or @SlabOMeat or someone could confirm. As for tracking… Again, once everyone is used to the game, the tracks become a tactical tool. You can choose whether to leave footprints and move quickly, or hide them and move slowly, or take your time to lay a false trail. These are all tactical decisions by the monster, and allow for tactical decisions by the hunter players too.

As for the weak points, I can see your point, but I think clarity and readability still trump this, you can see WHERE the monster is still. ‘Spray ‘n’ pray’ certainly worked on the tank in L4D, but once hunters and monsters are more skilled in Evolve, you won’t be (for the most part) using spray and pray as a tactic, you’ll be trying to stop that monster quickly, and knowing immediately and without doubt where a weakpoint is will be immensely useful. A team of hunters who aim carefully at weakpoints WILL win more than a team who ignore weak points and shoot randomly.


Different strokes for different folks i guess. Still, I’m glad you guys told me about the notifications. That was one thing I could cross off my list. Hope the best for this game either way.