I think the world will end when Half Life 3 comes out


for that to happen, it would be one of the ancient Mayan signs of the end of the world :frowning:


But the Mayan calender already reset. We have like…4,984 years before the world ends again.


yes but what do you get when add half life 3, left for dead 3 and portal 3? and you multiply each by 2 because gabe cant count to 3… thats right 0_0 6 6 6



joke: why did gabe not put left 4 dead in the ps3… because if he did he would have 3 games (half life, portal, l4d) all on the ps3 XD and 3 is something he can’t do :sunglasses:


Why the fuss over Half Life and Left For Dead 3? Much ado over nothing, is it not?


i thought u needed sleep to be on your prime :sleeping: go to sleep and we battle tomorrow


Sleep is for the weak. I do not sleep. I drink coffee and take naps. :smirk:


sometimes i think these forums are like a drug, we humans sure are addicted to conflict and drama and randomness XD and isnt coffee for the weak you become dependent on it and lash out when your low on caffeine lol


I’m addicted to the conversation. Besides, I browse a lot at work with nothing else to do.

I’d ask to get back on topic but this is your thread, and…it’s not really a topic worth getting back on to.


abandon ship? XD at the same time 1 … 2… …


3! Abandon ship.


Half life 3 confirmed!!!

// spits out coffee //

No! That’s enough! Go to your room and sleep… Like, get some actual sleep. It’s clear to me that you’re not in a healthy state with comments like that. No, you can’t leave the lights on. Bad, Midnight! Bad, Midnight! :angry: :wink:


No, but really…what’s so great about them?


You tellin’ me you never actually played these games?


Half Life 3… lol


Nope, none of them.




Oh, alright. I’ll tell you my opinion about the games and why I worship them. Won’t be until sometime later today though.


Ho-ly shit.

You do not knnow the legend of Gaben, Valve, and Half-Life 3?

You should be burned. High-temperature furnace too.


I have a high tolerance to heat. :slight_smile: Good luck with that!