I think slim's leech gun is OP


I mean come on, that leech gun packs quite a punch, and it recharges the healing field in no time, making him practically immortal. As long as his team-mates prevent the monster from pouncing slim, he can just continue spamming his leech gun and heal himself instantly. I mean the monster would have to take out the other hunters first and then pounce slim. Im not saying hes impossible to kill, im just saying the leech gun needs to be toned down a bit. It should only take a little bit of health from the monster, meaning it should require more shot. Maybe it needs so many shots that it has to reload in between. Maybe the leech gun should be the healing fields only means of recharging. What do you guys think, OP or not OP?


A lot of people are thinking this way, but you need to understand that the big drawback to Slim is that that gun does not have the range of any of the other Medic’s weapons. He needs to be in shotgun range for the hits to register, and that puts him right in front of the Monster. He can’t fire while he’s being focused by heavy melees and abilities, and as a strong Monster player I assure you, the moment I see Slim hitting me with that gun i’m focusing him, and ensuring he can’t get off ANY healing of any kind.


Focus slim, he can’t fire his weapon, he has to wait for his normal CD, ???, profit.


Wow, i totally forget melees prevent firing, my bad.


His healing burst seems weak AF, he wont take focusing well at all


I thought it would be better then the other medics but it is probs the weakest


Like no doubt the range is phenomenal but its basically a really long Laz heal


I’m sorry but slims currently seems like another laz, either really good or really bad no in between. His heals are almost non existent especially if a good monster spreads damagr and cancels the bugs, then your stuck with a heal burst that heals for maybe 10%, the only thing in his kit thats a game changer is the spore cloud gun. The leech gun does good damage but thats it, maybe capacity will be good for slim.


Nah, laz actually heals with his burst.


Oooo shots fired


wow, i guess i missed alot of details. Many thanks luqman.


The fact that people are judging these new characters before they even had a chance to play them is so sad and pathetic


No probs, I may trash talk slim but im still gonna buy him whether he needs a tweak or not


Actually, ive been watching gameplays of tier four characters on twitch. i just wasnt paying enough attention.


I bought the dlc ignoratly without even knowing what was on it. Im thankful all the characters turned out better than i expected. Im still wondering if i should buy behemoth or not. Gameplay looks sick but the price is a bit outrageous.


yeah I Pre ordered so im lucky with that, I think monsters change the game up much more than hunters do. You also have to look at it in a way that you will be also paying for other peoples experience because they can still play with dlc characters. I think he cost a bit much but he also cost a ton to make so I’ll support them.


People are entitled to their opinions, you could instead of using that lame line, contribute to the discussion and tell us why he’s not/is OP.


True. I like that turtle rock makes there gaming less restricted for players with no dlc and still gives them a chance to play with something they cannot pay for. I kinda understand why they have some pretty expensive dlcs after watching their video on how turtle rock started and stuff, so i cant give them to much hate. Still love evolve! :goliath_roar:


I’m not saying there not. just don’t create OP, change this that or the other thing threads without ACTUALLY playing with it or against it first. It’s immature.


For starters, i didnt demand that slim needed a debuff, i just wanted other peoples feedback on his leech gun, which i got and now i know that slim is a pretty balanced medic, if not maybe even weak according to others. Second, i told you i witnessed gameplay of slim, though i didnt not pay much attention, i saw enough to make a basic opinion.