I think scorpid has a really cool concept


after reading the development of evolve, i think scorpid need a little chance to shine. or is it just me?

oh yeah i know it becomes goliath, but the design is really cool


is that the worm thing seen months ago or is it something else? Get you get picture


No, that was the Velvet Worm. Scorpid was the original Monster for Evolve. You can read all about Scorpid, the Host, and all the other scrapped designs/early builds here:

Knock yourself out.


wow even then the artwork of the game looks incredible. Scorpid would have been nice to have in this game, but probably lacked ability ideas


He is in the game, as the lovable, cuddly, steroid filled nutter we call Goli! Over the course of development, Scorpid slowly evolved (heh) into Goli.

And yes, everything is awesome. People who cry about not enough content need to see how much time and effort and quality went into even the concepts.


oh, thanks for telling me


Goliath is Goliath. Nothing will ever replace my Scorpid. The adorable little crabmonster that tosses things really far away. <3

All hail Scorpid, may he toss me ever far. Long live the Scorpid king.


But how can he live long if he’s already dead? :wink:


He lives on in our hearts.


Until the 5th Monster comes out.


You mean the Cross-Dimensional Glaciopod? Can’t wait! :smile:


Oh yeah, the tinos thingy. That killed your fam and rezzed them to kill you. Which made you laugh…


Oh no, oh no no no. That’s Karkinos. Another forum member came up with that. No, I’m referring to my new monster origin theory. If you want to know what it is message me, I want to see the fifth monster before I reveal it.