I think quitters should take a loss for leaving


The amount of times I have had games where players will quit just before it is over to avoid a loss is growing as I get higher in levels and its very infuriating. I find this more so when I am against Monsters who are about to die so quit out of the dome leaving the monster with like 1 hp bar but recently I was playing Goliath and killed their team 3 times but one got away preventing a team wipe so I went to the power relay and after about 15 minutes of me fighting and downing them I was about to finish the relay and they all quit causing the game server to crash and kick me out. This made me mad to say the least and I think people who do that should still take their loss on the record as that seems to be the main reason for it so people can brag they are undefeated etc.

And while we are on a similar subject I think people who spawn in mid game as a Monster or w/e should not get a loss for that as it causes people to quit out as soon as they join to prevent the loss on their record. This I think shouldn’t cause a loss if they quit but if they didn’t get a loss for joining with like 1 health bar trapped in a dome about to die they would be more likely to stay for the next round resulting in more full lobbies

What do you guys and girls think?


Who cares if they quit. WLR doesn’t mean anything. Player skill means everything. If they’re bad enough to RQ don’t let it bother you. Just know that you just beat a guy so bad he was required to RQ.


^ this. :laughing:

Exactly right. :grinning:


The first part, meh, not very into the rankings. However, perhaps if this was done it would get rid of the people who obsess over it and can make the game less enjoyable for yelling at anyone who doesn’t play their preferred classes or make any mistakes.

The second part, definitely, though it could be hard to find a balance in implementing. There are people who come in late and turn things around, it would be unfair for them to lose the win, but have very much come into situations where there is absolutely nothing I can do to improve anything and “taking a loss” is a bit funky.


Its more to prevent people from doing it and the fact they rage quit doesn’t bother me that much it just shows how sad they are but the fact it took my win and it causes a lot of half filled lobbies when they could just stay in and then try again next round as a full team as most of the time when people do that others get dropped in mid game and cba or w/e I dunno I’m just thinking out loud but I think it would prevent people form dodging games to avoid their loss and so more would just be like w/e its just a loss next game.


Well when i que for hunters and get monster ill leave the game instantly even if its in progress, other way around to, i want to play what i que for not the opposite. i shouldnt be punished for the lacking matchmaking.


I’m pretty sure I read macman say somewhere that in the next patch leaving during the game will count as a loss.


The amount of times I’ve had to see threads that already exist and it’s very infuriating. I think people need to learn to use the search function.

Anyone who posts a thread on a topic that has one or a thousand threads should be penalized. :wink:


MacMan said it’ll be in the update. Quitting equals a loss.


Happens so often I’ve given up on trying to guide people


Devs already said they will be changing it so that leaving a match will count as a loss.


I think leaving should be tweaked for sure. But at the same time they should make joining an ongoing game optional and tweak the role preference as well.


In all honesty sometimes it isn’t RQ but lag or glitches… Played a game the other day where I was about to win as a tier 3 goliath when my game froze, lost the game as a result :cry:

I will agree though that there should be a penalty in regards to the leader boards if people RQ


Got a link?